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Sony c702 - Splash and Dust Proof

Friday, 27 June 2008

Here are some photos of the Splash & Dust Proof Sony Ericsson c702. I think all handsets should be this way! The K770i I have seems to be unresponsive after one droplet of water.

the c702 is one EXTRME handset. Marvel at it laying down at the beach after being covered in sand by it's children. erm. Sand in the ear is never good but this mobile is cool... TO THE MAX! Let's Off Road!

The c702 also likes to go for a swim, but I don't think it could handle Scuba diving. Could be handy in those sudden downpours we seem to be getting here in the UK.

And here is the c702 looking clean and tidy before a night out. The Messy pup.

View Vodafone c702 price plans here
The best is the new online only tariff - Free handset, unlimited texts, 600 mins, £30 a month (online only!)

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By Keith Greywood at 15:21


Samsung Tocco SGHF480 Out Now on Vodafone UK

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Introducing the Samsung Tocco
The Samsung Tocco is a totally touch-baased mobile phone from Samsung. The SGH-F480 has just three front-facing 'real'buttons for basic functions. The touch interface can be customised with a drag and drop widget.

Full Touch Screen
-Large 2.8” QVGA LCD offers a full touch navigation experience
-Haptic technology offers tangible feedback when you make a selection on the touch screen
-New touch UI is intuitive and simple to use, offering a digilog (digital + analog) experience
-Widgets allows you to customize the user interface with applications that move with drag-and-drop ease

-Card-like size is portable enough to slip into pockets
-Slim and minimal size fits comfortably in the hand
-Luxurious leather case and brushed aluminium exterior
-Cutting-edge and stylish Ice Silver body with hairline texture

5 Megapixel Camera
-5 Megapixel camera takes stunning photos and video. Capture better-looking images with Auto Focus
-Front facing camera lets you enjoy video conversations with other 3G/HSDPA users
-Fun and convenient features include Smile Shot, Image Stabilization, Power LED and Quick View
-Edit and enhance your photos, then upload them onto your blog directly from your mobile

High-end Camera Feature
-Face Detection automatically adjusts settings when you are taking photos of people; to ensure portraits turn out great
-Smile Shot mode is able to identify when subject is smiling and automatically takes a picture
-Smile Shot makes its worldwide debut on a mobile phone with the F480
-These advanced features, usually reserved for high-end dedicated cameras, are available on this mobile phone

Available free with a Vodafone Contract

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By Keith Greywood at 17:53


Sony c902 Cybershot Out Now on Vodafone

The impressive Sony Ericsson c902 cybershot camera phone has now been released on Vodafone. This multi-talented handset works hard to be one of the best 5mp camera phones around. The c902 has an Uber-cool slide out camera design, which is hidden in a stealth like way.

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By Keith Greywood at 17:45


LG KF750 Videos

Saturday, 7 June 2008

The fantastic LG Secret (KF750) is now available on a Vodafone Pay monthly contract inthe UK.

Here is a video highlighting many of this handsets impressive features, enjoy.

LG Secret: UK TV Advert

The music in this video reminds me of Barny Gumble's short film in the Simpsons. "Don't cry for me, I'm already dead."

The name of the song is: Madame Butterfly, Singer: Puccini.

LG Secret on Vodafone

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By Keith Greywood at 14:08


Red Blackberry Mobiles Now on Vodafone

Friday, 6 June 2008

Vodafone have a range of Blackberry handsets which now match their brand colour, Red! So if you would like a blackberry which is a bit different to the boring, grey masses then you could opt for one of the two red blackberry handsets below. Available free with a Vodafone monthly contract.

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By Keith Greywood at 17:13


Vodafone Working on US Deal with Alltel

Vodafone's US joint venture Verizon Wireless is working on a deal to overhaul AT&T as the country's biggest mobile phone network. Verizon will leapfrog its rival if it can pull off a takeover of Alltel, the fifth-largest US mobile operator. Vodafone confirmed Verizon was in discussions over Alltel, but stressed there was no guarantee of a deal.

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By Keith Greywood at 10:09


Vodafone Fastest & Most Reliable for Broadband

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

In the biggest trial of its kind ever in the UK, an independent company has completed an extensive independent benchmarking trial of mobile broadband performance, on both datacards and handsets on the 5 UK mobile operators networks.

Over 28,000 tests were carried out over a 10 week period, over a range of locations independently representative of the UK population, indoor, outdoors, static, mobile and in a mixture of randomly selected locations in towns and cities of various sizes, railway stations, residential and business areas, tourist hotspots, airports and motorway service stations that fully represent a real customer experience.

The results from the trials show conclusively that nationally Vodafone is the fastest, most reliable mobile broadband network in all aspects of file download, web page loading and on both datacard modems and handsets.

There is further proven stats for other regional and category data which is soon to be released!

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By Keith Greywood at 18:20


Cheaper Vodafone USB Dongles

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Vodafone UK Announces New Pricing for Mobile Broadband USBs
Vodafone UK’s Mobile Broadband USB modem dongles have bene reduced from £99 to £49 on its 30 day contract price plans. The move is part of Vodafone’s commitment to making mobile broadband more accessible for consumers. The price of the '3.6mbps USB Modem' (on all 12/18/24month contracts) will also be reduced by 50%.

This follows the introduction of a new three tier pricing structure in April;
* Mobile Broadband 3GB - £15 a month (On 12/18/24m contracts)
* Mobile Broadband 30 Day (3GB) - £20 a month (On 30 Day contract)
* Mobile Broadband 5GB - £25 a month (On 12/18/24m contracts)

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By Keith Greywood at 18:08


Moto U9 in Pink with Free Matching Aspinall Case

You can now get the Pink Motorola U9 with an 'Aspinall' Case. I am not sure what an Aspinall case is exactly, but I am sure it is great. A case for glasses? jewellery? You tell me! I recommend this case is used for sunglasses, as it is the season and also as I am always sitting on mine! Would anyone seriously carry around their mobile phone in a huge case? I cannot see it myself...

In my opinion I would much rather be quaffing champagne than holding a pink case with a phone in. If you agree then the Pink Motorola U9 is also available with a free bottle of Pink Moet Champagne. Mmmm Fizz.

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By Keith Greywood at 16:39


Vodafone Total Business for SMB's

Sunday, 1 June 2008

On 2 June 2008, Vodafone UK will introduce Vodafone Total Business, it's best ever pricing for smaller to medium businesses. Available to new and existing business customers, it will include a landmark range of data packs, which can be added for specific users, which will address the growing demand for mobile email, mobile internet and other mobile company applications.

* Two simple data packs to suit all business needs, from mobile email to mobile applications
* Inclusive calls to 10 company landlines, retrieval of voicemail and company mobiles
* 24 month contracts include 50 inclusive texts per user and inclusive calls to UK landlines

As the benefits of mobile email become more apparent than ever, Vodafone’s expertise grows stronger. Currently supporting more mobile email customers than any other UK operator, Vodafone continues to innovate, understands customer needs, ensures simple set up and ease of use, and provides expert support and choice of solutions for all sizes of business. Vodafone Total Business now makes access to mobile email even more straight-forward with two simple data packs; a ‘Standard’ usage pack of 500 MB or a ‘High’ usage pack of 5 GB. These packs can also be used in conjunction with mobile internet and mobile company applications use.

Vodafone Total Business, which replaces the existing Sharetime Plus and Small Business price plans, also gives customers cost management and heightened predictability whilst offering a generous allocation of minutes from just £30 a month2. Calls to company mobiles on the same price plan, voicemail retrieval and calls to all UK landlines are inclusive and will not erode the plan’s ‘shared’ minutes. 50 texts per user per month, at no extra cost,3 are also available for those signing up to 24 month agreements.

Mark Bond, Vodafone UK’s Enterprise Business Unit Director, commented, “For some years now there has been perception that mobile email on a handset is the preserve of ‘the boardroom’. With Vodafone Total Business we are aiming to put an end to this myth and make it available, affordable and understandable for anybody that needs it.”

For companies with less than five phones, 18 month Anytime price plans include voice, text, web email, mobile internet access from just £35. Customers can also enjoy a three months free email trial or free Vodafone Sat Nav with BlackBerry.

Bond continues: “For small businesses especially, losing out on a lead or a new business enquiry can be very damaging and costly. As customers become more demanding it is more important than ever to be equipped to respond. What many small business don’t realize is how simple and affordable it can be – and without a major up front investment.”

Vodafone Total Business provides three different options when connecting to mobile email:

Personal email
Businesses can take advantage of more advanced ‘always on’ email services with bundles for the Vodafone Email Plus service (previously named Vodafone Business Email), as well the BlackBerry Internet Service, both of which ‘push’ emails to the handset unprompted. These email services can be added to voice plans for £10.00 (500MB) or £22.50 (5GB) per month. Personal Mobile Email services are available on 99% of the handsets in the Vodafone range.

Enterprise email

Vodafone also leads the market for email services for larger businesses with the widest choice of server based Mobile Email solutions; including BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These more advanced email services, including free Mobile Internet browsing, can now be bought as part of the Vodafone Total Business plan for £25 (500MB) or £37.50 (5GB) a month.

Web mail
At the entry level, Vodafone Total Business customers can choose a Mobile Internet bundle, enabling them to pick up their web mail (such as Yahoo, Google Mail or Hotmail accounts) in addition to browsing the internet and even using web applications like Sat Nav. Customers can add this internet bundlehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.bold.gif
insert bold tags to their voice plan from just £7.50 a month for (500MB), or for £20 (5GB).

Data Roaming

Alongside straightforward domestic rates Vodafone UK has also simplified the data pricing for customers when roaming. There is a single flat rate charge of £4.25 per MB applicable when roaming on any network, anywhere in the world.

Check out Vodafone's Mobile Internet Solutions for Businesses.


By Keith Greywood at 17:56