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BlackBerry Pearl 3G Released on Vodafone

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is out on Vodafone now. The 3G is a great handset for both business & pleasure. Smaller than the usual BlackBerry devices with a smaller keypad but retaining BlackBerrys' excellent e-mail system.
BlackBerry Pearl 3G on Vodafone
Key BlackBerry Pearl 3G Features
- 3G
- 3.2 megapixels
- Built in GPS navigation
Effortless email - enjoy the experience BlackBerry is famous for
Faster browsing - get on (and around) the web at high speed
Simple to use - just 14 keys put you in full control

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Deal
Free Handset
300 Mins
Unlimited Texts
500MB Internet
£25 Per Month
24 Months

View More Information on Official Vodafone Store.


By Keith Greywood at 10:37


iPhone 4 Vodafone Voucher Code Promotion

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Latest Vodafone iPhone 4 Promotional Voucher Code
FREE Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Stick with iPhone 4 contracts.

iPhone 4 Promo Coupon Code: PAYGMB

iPhone 4 Promotional Code Expires on 31st July 2010
The code is valid on the following tariffs:
1. All 18 month iPhone4 contracts £35 and over
2. All 24 month iPhone4 contracts £30 and over

These Vodafone mobile broadband dongles are great to use with laptops whilst on the move for 3G Internet access. This is a great offer, as there are not many offers or discounts on the iPhone 4 at the moment due to the huge demand.

Pre Order iPhone 4 on Vodafone
There are still stock issues on the iPhone 4 on Vodafone, you can still pre order your device on a monthly contract price plan with a back order, and it will be sent out to you on a first come- first served basis.

Vodafone iPhone 4 Pay As You Go
There are currently no deals on pay as you go iPhone 4s, but as there is a section currently on the Vodafone iPhone page so it looks likely that a payg version of the iPhone 4 will be confirmed soon.

Vodafone iPhone 4 SIM Only
Details are limited on iPhone micro-sim only plans, but it seems likely that they will provide SIM Only plans to sit alongside their current iPhone SIM Only Tariffs.

Vodafone iPhone 4 Deals
Vodafone iPhone 3GS 8GB
Sell Your Old iPhone
Vodafone Promotional UK Codes

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Vodafone Voucher Codes Extended for July 2010

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Vodafone Promotional Vouchers Extended for July 2010.

The following e-vouchers have been extended until 31 July 2010 23:59. Good News!
Offer: Free PAYG mobile broadband dongle on:
1. All 18 month contracts £35 and over
2. All 24 month contracts £30 and over
3. 12 month SIM Only deals (£20 and £25 only)
This means you can even get a free dongle with an iPhone 4. You won't get a much better deal than that.

Code: 340free
Offer: Free Vodafone 340 handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Black handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Petrol handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)

Offer: Free 533 Light Pink handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)

Offer: Free Bluetooth headset on ALL 12 month SIM Only plans

View SIM Only Deals Now on Vodafone

See all voucher code offers on Vodafone

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