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Top 5 Selling Handsets on Vodafone

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Below are the top 5 selling handsets on Vodafone UK at the moment and a brief description. The Sony Ericsson Satio with it's 12.1 mp camera is proving mightily popular. Best snap one up to take great photos for when it is dark out this winter :)

1. Sony Ericsson Satio (preorder)

Take razor-sharp shots with the Sony Ericsson Satio's 12.1 megapixel camera - then admire them in glorious widescreen. Smile detection makes saying 'Cheese!' a thing of the past. And one touch of the screen focuses the camera and snaps the moment. It's genius.

2. HTC Tattoo (Pre-Order)

You can shape your own distinct mobile experience using the latest HTC Sense™ technology. Sleek and stylish, the HTC Tattoo mobile phone is powered by cutting edge Android technology.

3. Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 mobile phone has 32GB of memory, and is a non-compromising, powerhouse smart phone with both touch screen and QWERTY keyboard - ideal for personal lifestyle or business.

4. Sony Ericsson w595

Shake - you're playing the next track. Shake again - you've flipped to the next album.The Sony Ericsson W595 lets you take control of your music, without having to touch a button.

5. Nokia 5800

You can shape your own distinct mobile experience using the latest HTC Sense™ technology. Sleek and stylish, the HTC Tattoo mobile phone is powered by cutting edge Android technology.

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By Keet at 17:51


HTC Tattoo Review for Vodafone

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

I have been testing the HTC Tattoo mobile for a few days now. I am liking it a lot. Many of the features of the HTC Magic have been improved upon.

A few people find Android a bit of a challenge, especially if they are used to using a certain brand of handset.

HTCTattoo Menu buttons

The Menu buttons on the HTC Tattoo are metallic and feel robust yet quite light, enhancing the overall feel of the handset. The HTC Tattoo offers the same selection of buttons as the HTC Magic, but are more visually appealing.

HTC Tattoo Vs HTC Magic

A comparison of the sizes of the HTC Magic and the HTC Tattoo. As you can see, the HTC Magic has a larger 3.2" screen than the Tattoo's 2.8". This should cut down on some cost, as well as improving battery life. The HTCTattoo is smaller, which makes it a great phone if you do not like chunky smart phones with massive screens. The Tattoo also has no annoying 'lip' on the bottom like the Magic.

The HTC Tattoo sits perfectly in your hand, and is very comfortable to use. It doesn't feel big, or too bulky, but it does feel well manufactured and the standard of quality is high.

The HTC Tattoo has a shiny large button where the Magic's trackball is, I much prefer the design of the tattoos new style buttons, they feel better quality to me.

Another thing about the tattoo is that it comes in any colour you want (within reason) due to its removable cases, whilst the Magic is predominantly white. The freedom of changing the case harks back to the Nokia 3210 & 3310 years when third party cases were all the rage. Now though this concept may be considered behind the times by some, it seems to be making a comeback. Another example of a new phone with removable cases is the Samsung Genio Touch. This may be an indication of the market which HTC and Samsung are aiming at - the 16-24 demographic.

The HTC Tattoo seems to have a lot more apps as standard on the handset, and even allows you to setup your Mail Exchange server upon first setup. I didn’t get a chance to test this functionality but it is good to see, as this was missing from the HTC magic.

You can get lots of apps on Android, so if the iPhone's many apps appeal to you but you cannot stomach the cost, then this could be the handset for you! I have light sabres, pull my finger, twidroid, and lots more. The handset is also great for Youtube and Google searches - this is a Google operating system after all!

Interface and Display

The Interface on the HTC Tattoo is a step up from the HTC Magic, and overall looks simpler and slicker. There is also more room on the home screen for widgets and icons (7 pages compared to the HTC Magic's 3 Pages) which is a very useful addition.

There is one downside with the HTC Tattoo however, and that is the display. The quality of the display, visually, is fine, the resolution seems a little lower than it could be and the colours don't quite pop like they do on other similar handsets, but overall it is still better than average. The let down with the display is the touch functionality.

The touch screen on this phone does seem to lack response, which can be frustrating at times. In comparison to Apple's iPhone the touch screen is terrible and one could mistake it as faulty. On closer inspection I found that instead of using simple controls like swiping across the screen to change between pages, you find yourself physically having to push and swipe at the same time, I know it’s hardly rocket science, but it does mar the overall appeal of the HTC Tattoo. It is no different to the HTC Magic which works well if you are not an iPhone user. The iPhone is a £500 handset or so, but I reckon the Tattoo could be bought for a little over £100, so fair play to HTC here, as it is still a good effort when you consider the value.

The cases are removable and allow the user to create their own unique style using various combinations of the three separate parts. The cases that come with the phone in this instance were limited to the standard dark grey/black design as seen in the image below, and a design featuring a cyclist.

The grey/black case does look particularly stylish and fits the phone well, where as the cyclist case looks a bit tacky and I can’t imagine it being a huge hit. Surely in time, third party companies will offer their own versions of these cases at affordable prices.

The cyclist case seen below and above features a glossy, plasticky finish which doesn’t sit too well with the overall design of the handset, whereas the grey/black finish is matte and looks very slick.

All in all the HTC Tattoo is a welcome addition to the smart phone market, and does have some desirable features. Although this phone is built to a budget in some senses, it really doesn't show. In fact I would go as far to call it well built, with the one exception being the touch screen. It could be improved, but overall this phone is worth having as your first smart phone, or as an upgrade to an ageing device. A great introduction to the Android operating system, with its downloadable apps. I would love to see a HTC Android mobile on Vodafone within the year with a much better camera with a flash, HINT HINT! Although the Android interface has been improved, .there is not enough of an improvement in hardware for me to consider trading in my Magic for a Tattoo.

Above is a little video I recorded, trying to show some of the functionality. Apologies about the poor quality here! I am demonstrating changing the 'scenes'. Scenes are a powerful tool which enable you to set up different themes for work / play and more. This means you could have one when you travel with two clocks, a work one with work email and a play one with youtube and facebook aps!

View More Info about the HTC Tattoo on Vodafone Discounts.

Currently available to pre-order on Vodafone for £25/month with Free handset & unlimited internet.

The handset is due out tomorrow - 8th October 2009!

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By Keet at 17:46


10% Off Samsung PAYG Phones

At Vodafone you can currently get 10% off all Samsung PAYG phones.

Samsung Genio Touch - Save 10%, now just £63

The new Samsung Genio Touch, available now at Vodafone UK, puts mobile power at your fingertips with its fantastic TouchWiz interface, which comes with 27 great widgets, and you can download 75 more. Keep in touch with your friends via all the best social networking sites, and upload the huge, stunning photos you can take with the 2-megapixel camera. A microSD card expands the Genio's memory to 8GB, so don't worry about running out of space, either. The Genio also has removable covers, so if you get bored or want to match your outfit, now you can! A great looking touchscreen handset with great price for Vodafone pay as you go customers!

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By Keith Greywood at 11:44


Sony Ericsson Satio Pre-Order on Vodafone

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Sony Satio Preorder for Vodafone - Release Date 13th October 2009.

The Satio will be available fro free on a £35/mth contract with unlimited landline, unlimited texts and unlimited internet!

Vodafone UK presents the Sony Ericsson Satio, a state-of-the-art handset packed with a multitude of cool features. The Satio's magic touch means that all your favourite things are at your fingertips. Use the touch-screen media menu to access videos, podcasts, music and TV series, and the 3.5", 16:9 ratio screen allows you to view images and films in 16 million crystal clear colours.

The Sony Satio's five standby panels will make your mobile life perfect with instant access to your favourites, and, whether you're scrolling through the media menu, playing music or adjusting your camera, the intuitive touch interface navigation makes everything easy. The 12.1-megapixel camera's perceptive touch focus, face detection and Xenon flash produces amazingly high-resolution pictures with peerless clarity.

Sony Ericsson Satio's Media Go is the ultimate organiser for your media, and allows you to carry your entertainment with you no matter where you go. Use drag and drop to transfer media files from your PC to your phone and vice versa, and Media Go makes converting your files automatic and completely hassle-free, giving you top quality, too. The PlayNow arena movies allows you limitless access to as many as 60 films, with more added each month. Just select and enjoy. The Satio is also YouTube compatible, and you can post your photos on your Web album for everyone to see, with your comments.

With the exceptional deals Vodafone offers on its UK mobile network, you can use all your Sony Satio's brilliant features to your heart's content.

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HTC Tattoo Pre-Order Now on Vodafone

HTC Tattoo - Power and Pizzazz!

The HTC Tattoo, is now available to Pre-Order at Vodafone UK. From £25 a month with unlimited internet, which represents great value. If you preorder today you may get the phone in your hands by the 8th October 2009!

The HTC Tattoo takes mobile internet to the next level with its smart Android technology that gives you the best possible mobile internet around. You'll have all your favourite internet options just where you want them - a touch away - and no matter where you are, your HTC Tattoo will ensure that you're entertained and up to date. The 3.2-megapixel camera has auto-focus to keep your pictures sharp no matter what, and you can view them with perfect clarity on the 3.2"-wide touch screen.

The HTC Tattoo from Vodafone is packed with all the great features you’ve ever dreamt of having on your mobile, and the new HTC Sense technology will let you customise your own particular brand of mobile experience. The state of the art Android technology makes surfing the net a pleasure, with access to all the best sites and the ability to easily download loads of exciting games and trendy apps from the Android Market, plus widgets, news feeds and anything else you could possibly want. The Android interface has been enhanced sine the HTC magic, with more screens and more customisable features.

Impressed yet? The HTC Tattoo from Vodafone has loads more features too, such as an MP3 player so you'll never be without your favourite tunes, WiFi, Bluetooth, Triband, GPRS, a memory card slot, poly ring tones, 3G, an alarm clock, calendar and Quadband. All this power and pizzazz comes in a sleek, stylish phone, and you can design or buy unique covers for it that match your latest outfit or just suit your special style.

I should recieve a htctatoo handset with different covers shortly so expect some more photos of the HTC tattoo soon!

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