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Price Changes for Vodafone Contracts

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

There will be some price plan changes as from tomorrow (29/10/08);

The new 8mp Sony Ericsson C905 will be free from £35 on 18 month contract (currently free at £40) AND free from £30 on 24 month contract

The Samsung Omnia will be free from £40 on 18 month contract (currently free at £35)

The C905 pricing reduction will stay until the Blackberry Storm is launched. It will then return to free at £40.

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By Keith Greywood at 17:24


Free McLaren Baseball Cap Offer

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Vodafone have released a new vouchercode which is now available on all 18 month mobile phone contracts priced at £25/month and over.

Hopefully Lewis Hamilton will win the World Championship this year, with one race to go and a 7 points advantage over his nearest rival, Felipe Massa. The iconic image of Lewis, atop the podium in his trusted Vodafone cap will be plastered over his fans walls for years to come!

With this code you will recieve one official Lewis Hamilton baseball cap to show your support of the most exciting British F1 driver since Nigel Mansell.

Offer : FREE Vodafone McLaren Baseball Cap
- Available on any 18 month contract at £25 and above.
- All Handsets

Use code: Hamilton01

View all Vodafone Online Voucher Codes

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By Keith Greywood at 12:59


Phone Contract + Free Gift Offers

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Vodafone have 3 excellent free gift offers live at the moment... check them out! If you are a gamer, a music fan or fancy an lcd tv, then these deals could be for you.

Vodafone Special Offers

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By Keith Greywood at 17:43


Blackberry Storm Coming soon to Vodafone

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Blackberry Storm has been getting a lot of press recently, mainly due to it's impressive iphone-esque touchscreen interface. I read that the screen is not hard like an iphone's though, so it would be cool to try out to see what the difference is. This handset was purpose built for Vodafone, so it looks like it will not appear on any other networks.

BlackBerry® Storm™ Smartphone

* Purpose built for Vodafone
* Large HD touch-screen
* Superfast 3G connection
* Incredible sound quality
* Built-in GPS

With the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, select and type using touch technology—the screen is the keyboard. Typing is easy—highlight the letter on the touch screen and press the screen to make it appear in your message or document. And navigation is a breeze. Like a mouse, your fingertip moves the cursor across the screen.

You can register your interest on the Vodafone Official Website, and you will be entered into a prize-draw for your trouble.

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By Keith Greywood at 17:16


Audiobooks On Your Vodafone Mobile

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Vodafone are now offering a book download service, for both textual and audiobook versions. You can download a free exclusive comedy audio sampler from BBC Audiobooks for a limited time period to check out the service.

Vodafone UK launches Books on Mobile! a brand new entertainment channel in conjunction with GoSpoken.com

From today, Vodafone UK customers will be the first to be able to sample and download bestselling titles as they come to market direct to their mobiles.

Using GoSpoken.com, they can keep up with their favourite authors on the go by downloading audio or in the next two weeks ebook versions of the latest blockbusters or ordering the traditional book itself. Vodafone UK customers will also have the opportunity to discover new authors by browsing an extensive catalogue and sampling chapters in audio and text.

"We're very excited to bring UK's bestselling authors to mobiles," says Mike Eaton, Head of Content at Vodafone UK. "Our customers want simplicity and services that are easy to select, buy and use. Today with our new price plans Vodafone customers have the confidence to browse the internet on mobile for as long as they need with no extra costs when sampling or downloading the latest book releases. "

Andy McNab, bestselling author and partner in GoSpoken.com, says; "At GoSpoken we are really excited to be working with Vodafone. I, like the majority of people nowadays, never go anywhere without my mobile. I'm always reading and listening to books so now they're on the mobile it means I can get great content whenever and wherever I am".

Books on Mobile! will give Vodafone customers a host of benefits. These will include for a limited time period free and exclusive mobile ebook sampler to download, containing the first two chapters of Andy McNab's latest non fiction book ‘Seven Troop'. Following on from this, on the October 16, Vodafone customers will be able to buy Jonathan Ross's brand new book ‘Why Do I Say These Things'.

Customers will also be able to get a free exclusive comedy audio sampler from BBC Audiobooks for a limited time period, featuring Mitchell & Webb, Little Britain, Armstrong & Miller and Steve Coogan. Other BBC Audiobook titles include Torchwood, Doctor Who and an exclusive early release of The Genuine Particle with Steve Punt from The Now Show.

From launch, Vodafone Books on Mobile! users will also be able to sample and purchase the following 5 titles: Alan Carr ‘Look who it is!', Philippa Gregory ‘The Other Queen', Denis Norden ‘Clips of Life', Terry Pratchett ‘Nation', Frank Skinner ‘On the Road'. For a limited period these titles will only be available on mobile to Vodafone UK customers.

Also Reported by the NMA.

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By Keith Greywood at 17:26


Nokia N96 Released Today on Vodafone

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The rather Nokia N96 has been released today on Vodafone UK!

Recommended Personal Price Plan
Free N96 £45/Month 900mins, unlimited texts
PLUS Unlimited Mobile Internet & Email.

Quite an expensive price plan, but the n96 is a very pricey piece of kit in the first place, so it still represents good value.

Or you could enter their competition to win a blackberry storm.

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By Keith Greywood at 10:43