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HTC Legend Review on Vodafone

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The HTC Legend is due to be released on Vodafone on 6th April 2010. I was lucky enough to have a hands on test to see if the Legend really could be Legendary!

Aluminum Block Construction
First off, I have to mention this handsets dashing good looks. The HTC Legend is the worlds first phone sculpted from a single block of aluminum . This gives it a robust, quality feel. The Unibody feels solid and really reminds me of a Macbook Pro laptop, which isn't a bad thing, unless you are Apple. Perhaps this is an intentional ploy by HTC!

There is a slight lip on the bottom of the handset, much like previous HTC Android handsets like the Hero. On the underside of the lip there is a rubberised section, if this is removed the battery, sim card and memory card can be accessed.

Replacing the mousewheel navigation on previous HTC Android mobiles, is a an optical mouse. This is more slimline than the previous solution, sitting flush to the body, but you will miss out on flashing of the mousewheel of previous handsets, an indication a message has arrived.

The HTC Legend screen has colours which are vivid and bright, thanks to the latest AMOLED LCD technology.

HTC Sense

The HTC Legend is the first mobile phone to combine Android 2.1 with the Sense UI. You can pinch the screen to get an overview of all 7 of your homescreens at the same time.

The HTC Legend has 7 customisable screens, wallpapers, clocks and many more features. It is easy to edit different scenes or to save your favourite setup as a theme. This means you could have one setup at work with your work email and after 6 you can swap into social mode to keep up to date with your friends in one place!

This means you can pool your contacts on a social media hub. This is similar to Vodafone's 360 contact management application.

Social Media
The HTC Legend is great for social media lovers. You can download applications which can sync automatically for however often you wish.

HTC Legend Camera

The camera is improved over previous HTC efforts by the addition of a led flash. This gives much better results in lower light conditions at close range. I have included a few pics below. The resolution seems clear and sharp in daylight. Video performance could be improved as it isn't 720p resolution.

Photos can be easily shared through applications you download such as, Facebook, Facebook for HTC Sense, flickr, twitter.

Battery Life
I worked it out that the battery life is one major downside. There should be spare batteries as you do tend to run out pretty fast if applications are running. I recommend a work charger and also one for overnight charging. I was able to get longer lasting performance from analysing which was using the most battery and reducing usage, but the battery really should last longer than the average 8 hours of standard use.

iPhone Vs HTC Legend?
The HTC Legend compares favourably with other handsets, it can open multiple applications at a time compared to the iPhone's one. The HTC Legend has a 5mp camera with mini flash compared to the iPhone's 3 megapixel camera. The iPhone has no expandable memory (although the iPhone comes with a large capacity as standard). The HTC optical mouse is also pretty neat and easy to use. Android now has lots of great apps & games available from the marketplace.

HTC Legend - Is this phone worth buying?
Overall I would say the HTC legend is the best Android handset I have used so far. It could be a choice between the HTC Desire and the HTC Legend. Personally I prefer the HTC Legend from the brief time I have spent with both, as I prefer the size and the style of the HTC Legend. The Legend is a breeze to use and it will not take long to become accustomed to the superb Android 2.0 O/S. The HTC Legend beats both the HTC Desire & Sony Ericsson on price too, now available for pre-order on Vodafone for just £25 a month.

Vodafone Promotions Score: 9/10 Highly Recommended

HTC Legend Specification
O/S: Android 2.1 with HTC Sense
Camera: 5MP Camera
ROM: 512 MB
RAM: 384MB
Weight: 126g with battery
Display: 3.2" AMOLED screen
3G / HSDPA / Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
Micro USB port
FM Radio
HTC Legend Camera Test Photos
(taken indoor around 4pm)

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HTC Desire PreOrder Deal

The HTC Desire is now on pre-order from just £30 per month!
htc desire preorder vodafone

HTC Desire Preorder Tariff Details:

£30 a month, Free handset

- 600 anytime minutes
- unlimited inclusive texts

If a phone’s not really yours till you’ve got it how you like it, the HTC Desire is for you. It’s got Android inside, giving you the power to customise up to seven home screens.

And whatever you’re doing on your phone – from apps to the web – you’ll be wowed by the Desire’s speed. Your contacts are simpler too. Link the people in your address book to their Facebook, Twitter and email accounts. Then sit back and let their updates, mails, texts and more come to you – all in one place.

A massive 3.7″ touchscreen lets you see everything clearly – and the clever trackpad makes getting around the Desire (and the web) incredibly easy

Check out HTC Desire Pre-Order Deals

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Preorder

Sony Ericsson X10 Preoder Now on Vodafone

The Sony Ericsson X10 is now available to preorder!
FREE from £35 per month

Xperia X10 Preorder

Sony Ericsson X10 Tariff Details:
£35 pm
- 900 anytime minutes
- unlimited inclusive texts

Key Xperia X10 Features:
- Android technology
- 8 megapixels
- Built in GPS navigation

Check Out Xperia X10 Preorder deals

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HTC Legend Pre-Order

The HTC Legend is now on pre-order from £25 per month!

Tariff Details:
£25 pm
- 300 anytime minutes
- unlimited inclusive texts

HTC Legend Pre-Order

About the HTC Legend
Loads of apps and widgets
From a built in weather widget that gives you automatic updates, to thousands of cool apps in Android Market. Get one for live sports results – or to help you locate your car. There’s even one that scans bar codes so you can check prices online.

Instantly see Facebook and Twitter
Stay signed in and see updates and tweets immediately. And if you want to, you can drop links to Facebook and Twitter onto one of your home screens.
Texts and emails come to you
No need to go looking for the latest news from friends and family. Get it in real time on your home screen.


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Vodafone iPhone Tariff Price Drop in UK

Friday, 19 March 2010

Two new Vodafone iPhone tariffs are now available, meaning you can now grab an iPhone for just £25 per month!

Vodafone iPhone Tariff Deal

See Below for details on each new Vodafone iPhone Tariff.
£25 per month
75 mins, 250 texts, 1GB + wi-fi, 24 months iPhone contract

£30 per month
75 mins, 250 texts, 1GB + wi-fi, 18 months iPhone contract

(Please note that iPhone handsets are not free on these Vodafone tariffs!)

View all Vodafone iphone Deals

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Vodafone Promotion Code Offers

Vodafone E-Vouchers Promotion
The following Vodafone vouchers codes are now available! Grab a free handset... Great to give to someone for a payg or as a backup handset.

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Petrol handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)
Expiry: 30/04/2010

Code: 340free
Offer: Free Vodafone 340 handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 per month tariffs)
Expiry: 30/04/2010

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Black handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)
Expiry: 30/04/2010

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Ice handset on 12 month SIM Only deals (excluding £10 tariffs)
Expiry: 30/04/2010

Vodafone 533 Pink

Offer: Free Vodafone 533 Light Pink handset on 12 month SIM Only (excluding £10 tariffs)
Expiry: 30/04/2010

Also, just a quick reminder of the ongoing Vodafone e-voucher:

Offer: Free PAYG mobile broadband dongle on:
1. All 18 month contracts £35 and over 2. All 24 month contracts £30 and over 3. 12 month SIM Only deals (£20 and £25 only)
Expiry: 31/03/2010

Full Details can be found on the Vodafone Online Voucher Code page. 

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Nokia 5230 Purple and Genio Slide Price Reduction

Nokia 5230 and Samsung Genio Slide Reduced in Price
Both the Nokia 5230 in Purple and Samsung Genio Slide are now available to buy on £10 per month tariffs (down from £15 per month tariffs)

Nokia 5230 in Purple on Vodafone
nokia 5230 purple
FREE on tariffs from £10

Samsung Genio Slide - Qwerty Genio on Vodafone
Samsung Genio Slide
FREE on tariffs from £10

These are both new handsets in 2010 and great value at £10 a month!


By Keith Greywood at 12:48


Google Nexus One Delayed in UK

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Google Nexus One is eagerly anticipated to arrive on Vodafone - but when is it coming out?

It looks as though Google has delayed the UK launch of its Nexus One mobile until mid-April, due to US service issues. Although it maintains that it was always going to launch in ‘spring 2010’, Google has been forced to change its plan to support the mobile only via email, and has introduced telephonic support after customer criticism. You can register your interest on the Vodafone website.


By Keith Greywood at 18:03


Mobile Broadband Netbooks on Vodafone

Mobile Broadband – Netbooks are back on Vodafone!

Vodafone have now released details for Pay monthly Mobile Broadband deals with two shiny Netbooks! Previously these were only available to business customers.

Dell Mini 10

Samsung N130
160GB Hard Drive - 1GB RAM - Windows 7 - 10.1" screen

Additionally, a new 12-month Mobile Broadband plan is now available, shortening the length of mobile broadband contracts.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700 Refurbished Available

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is now available for free on a cheaper tariff of only £30 per month! This is for refurbished or reconditioned handsets, which have been returned or repaired, but are always in great condition and carry a warranty from Vodafone.

The BlackBerry 9700 or BlackBerry Bold 2 handset is currently the best rated by Vodafone users.

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Best Rated Vodafone Phones by Users

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

  Top Rated: All Products
The following are the top rated products with at least 5 reviews:
4.8 stars (out of 50 reviews) -
4.8 stars (out of 6 reviews) -
4.7 stars (out of 51 reviews) -
4.7 stars (out of 42 reviews) -
4.7 stars (out of 13 reviews) -
4.7 stars (out of 7 reviews) -
4.6 stars (out of 44 reviews) -
4.6 stars (out of 9 reviews) -
4.6 stars (out of 8 reviews) -
4.6 stars (out of 5 reviews) -
Nokia 6303 PAYG

Blackbery Bold 9700

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£5 Reduction for Nokia X6

Friday, 12 March 2010

nokia x6

Vodafone have reduced the cost of the cheapest monthly tariff of the Nokia X6 by £5 to £25 a month. This represents a saving of £120 over the length of the contract!

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Sony Ericsson Vivaz Ruby Red Out Today on Vodafone

vivaz venus ruby red

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz in Venus Ruby Red is released today on Vodafone. This is an exclusive colour to Vodafone, but it is also available in Silver and blue.

The Vivaz has HD video recording and an 8.1 MP camera.

vivaz venus silver

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a sleek and beautiful handset by all accounts.
* Built In GPS
* 8.1 MP Camera
* HD Video
* Great Music Features
* Social Media Tagging Features
Prices start from £30 a month with a free Vivaz handset.

 Want to know more? 
Sony Ericsson Vivaz in Silver
Sony Ericsson Vivaz Red

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Android

Thursday, 11 March 2010

1. HTC was first
HTC was the first manufacturer to launch an Android Phone.

2. 70% Free Apps
70% of the 20,000+ applications on Android Market are FREE to download.

3. Unlimited Email Accounts
The Android email application supports unlimited accounts.

4. Your Own Style
Customise your phone to suit your lifestyle with HTC Sense.

5. HTC is #1 for Android
HTC Makes the best Android phones! *in HTC's opinion.

Looking at the new HTC Legend I would have to agree with them on that last point!

HTC Mobiles
HTC Tattoo
HTC Touch Pro 2

Coming Soon: HTC Legend

HTC Offical Website
HTC Vodafone Discounts

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Nokia X6 Released Today on Vodafone

Monday, 1 March 2010

The Nokia X6 has been released on Vodafone today.

The Nokia X6 comes pre-loaded with Gavin & Stacey series 3. It’s a DJ in your pocket, with its ability to learn what music you like and set up playlists of songs to match your mood, whether you’re happy, sad or just mellow.

nokia x6 released on vodafone

There is an online exclusive offer on this handset - 300 minutes extra when you buy online! Prices are from £30/mth with free handset.

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