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Preorder Samsung Monte in Pink on Vodafone

Thursday, 27 May 2010

samsung monte pink preorderThe Samsung Monte in Pink is now available for preorder on Vodafone.

There is a great offer on this handset - a free Sex and the City Season 6 DVD. You will have to hurry though as stocks are limited.

The Samsung Monte Pink is available on £10, £15 and £20 a month deals.

samsung monte pink vodafoneMonte Pink Due for Release: 23rd June 2010

Top Deal
£15/month 500 minutes, Unlimited Texts. Free SATC DVD

Pre-Order Online at Vodafone Today!

Sasmung Monte Pink pre-order

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By Keith Greywood at 12:06


Preorder Samsung Wave Now on Vodafone

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Pre-order Samsung Wave now on Vodafone. Available free for £25/month. Due to be released on 1st June!

  • Get personal - customise up to seven home screens
  • Brilliant detail with AMOLED screen - everything looks better in HD!
  • Stay in touch easily - perfect for social networking
  • Pre-order Your Samsung Wave today to receive yours first - expected 1 June

Preorder Samsung Wave on Vodafone Store

View More information on Vodafone Discounts

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By Keith Greywood at 13:47


Exclusive Vodafone Voucher Code Ends Tonight

Monday, 24 May 2010

Vodafone have an exclusive online code which is running out tonight.

With any SIM Only 12 month contract, they are offering a free Nokia 1661.
free nokia 1661 voucher

  •  Get lots of minutes and texts for great price and a handset to use them with. 
  • Great if you don't want an expensive contract and do not care about the latest smartphone
  • A great basic handset for use as a backup mobile in case of breakages.
  • Smartphone batterys are known to run out fast.. the Nokia 1661 will not.
  • Great for festivals or if you do not want to damage your expensive smartphone.
Sounds Great, wheres the code?

OFFER: Nokia phone FREE with any 12-month SIMO only plan. This weekend only – 21-24 May.
END: 24 May 23:59 2010

View All Vodafone Promotion Codes

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By Keith Greywood at 17:39


Samsung Galaxy S Out soon on Vodafone

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Samsung Galaxy S is due to be available for pre-order shortly and is expected to be released on the 1st of June.

Samsung has silenced the opposition with their latest smartphone contribution, the super-slim Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone. Pundits claim it's the best multi-media mobile of the century, and this elegant candy bar smartphone certainly has the potential to leave all other pretenders in the dust.

samsung galaxy s contracts

It has a host of functional features, including the exciting social media interface, Smart Life, and an intelligent and swift slide-your-finger on-screen keyboard, Swype, plus MDNLe, or Mobile Digital Natural Image engine. This creates a flawless environment to browse the web, read an e-book or simply record and play HD video. The Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone has been tipped to take the mobile market by storm.

Samsung Galaxy S vodafone
Reputed to be the slimmest Android phone on the planet, the Samsung Galaxy S on Vodafone is amongst the first super-phones to offer Bluetooth 3.0, and boasts the full range of features found on any of the competitors.

Top Samsung Galaxy S Features:
  • HD Video & Camera (5mp)
  • Android Technology
  • Exclusive to Vodafone: 16GB Memory
  • Huge, Vivid 4" display

Expected Tariff: £35 24m Contract

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By Keith Greywood at 16:56


New iPad SIM Only Tariff

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

ipad sim only tariffVodafone have added a 3GB iPad tariff to its range to be released on the 28th May 2010. This tarrif is in line with other networ providers. 

Pre-order the new iPad SIM Only Tariff today to receive yours first - expected 28th May - when the Apple iPad is released in the UK.
Connect your iPad to Vodafone's dependable, award-winning 3G network.
Plenty of data for occasional emailing and browsing on the move.

£15 per month
3GB of data per month
30 day contract
View iPad Tariffs

Simply insert the SIM card and scan for 3G services on your iPad to activate.

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By Keith Greywood at 16:43


Sony Ericsson Elm Price Drop

Monday, 17 May 2010

The monthly cost of  Sony Ericsson Elm contracts has dropped £5 a month!

The Cheapest deal is now just £10 a month:
Sony Ericsson Elm

    Why make life complicated? Call and text the easy way, thanks to the brilliantly simple design of the Sony Ericsson Elm. But it's got a clever side too - with fast internet access, GPS and a 5 megapixel camera that packs all the latest features. Even the battery is designed to give you days between charges - just one of the many eco-friendly touches tucked inside the Elm.

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    By Keith Greywood at 17:54


    Vodafone Announce iPad Data Contracts

    Thursday, 13 May 2010

    Recently, Vodafone UK announced that, launching 28th May 2010, it is offering dedicated Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans which use a Microsim. A micro sim card is smalled than astandard size so you will not be able to use your standard mobile data plan with the iPad. The iPad data plans will run for periods of 30 days, thereby giving clients the option to cancel or activate a plan whenever they wish.

    Apple iPad lets users connect with their content and applications in a more intuitive, fun and intimate way than previously. Users can now take advantage of iPad’s innovative Multi-Touch interface to browse the internet, send and read email, enjoy HD videos, share and view photos, play games, listen to tunes, read e-books and lots more.

    Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans cost £10 for 1GB and £25 for 5GB, and involve no long-term contract. After 30 days, they roll over, making it possible for the client to continue or opt out of the plan at any time.

    Only 0.5 inches wide and weighing in at a mere 1.6 pounds, the iPad with WiFi + 3G models are lighter and thinner than a netbook or laptop, with a long, nine or 10-hour battery life. Customers can also use Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans abroad for as little as £9.99 per day, which allows them to use as much as 50MB.

    Apple iPad MicoSIM Data Plans
    Monthly Cost
    1GB a month
    30-day contract
    Buy Now
    3GB a month
    30-day contract
    Buy Now
    5GB a month
    30-day contract
    Buy Now


    By Keith Greywood at 10:49


    iPad 3G SIM Cards - Preorder now on Vodafone

    Tuesday, 11 May 2010

    Today, iPad SIM Only microSIMs are now available from Vodafone.

    The iPad SIM Only plans are available to pre-order - expected delivery is the 28th May 2010, which is the day the iPad is released in the UK.

    Get your new iPad directly from Apple - then get online on the go with Vodafone's award-winning mobile broadband. Just make sure you order the iPad with 3G!

    The 5GB iPad MicroSIM lets you email, browse and download for 30 days - with no long-term tie-in. What will a whopping 5GB give you? You could browse for 150 hours. Or send 3,250 emails. Or download 300 music tracks. Or watch 150 short video clips. How you enjoy it is up to you.

    iPad MicroSIM 5GB plan
    30-day contract
    5GB a month
    £25 per month
    View More info on plan

    If you think you'll only use your iPad for browsing and checking emails every now and then, then a good choice would be the cheaper 1GB plan. I would say go with the 5GB plan to start with though as you are likely to be using it all the time!

    iPad MicroSIM 1GB plan
    30-day contract
    1GB a month
    £10 per month
    See more info

    Apple iPad SIM Only Plans

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    By Keith Greywood at 15:32


    HTC HD Mini Contract Deals on Vodafone

    The HTC HD Mini is the latest smartphone of the attractive and popular pocket PC genre. Clean lines and a compact design are beautifully blended with a new generation user interface, the intuitive and simple to use HTC Sense.

    HTC HD Mini Contract Offer
    FREE from £25 a month

    • 300 Minutes
    • Unlimited Texts
    • 24 Months

    Key Features:
    • Windows Mobile Operating system (like a PC!)
    • 5 megapixel camera
    • Built in GPS navigation (Google Maps!)

      Although elegant in design, the HTC HD Mini on Vodafone boasts all the usual features crucial to a successful smartphone, including GPRS, Bluetooth, MP3 player, 3G and much more. The capacitive touch technology enables you to zoom in and out of web pages, photographs and documents with a simple pinch of the fingers.

      The HTC HD Mini on Vodafone has additional features, including animated wallpaper reflecting your location, a ring tone that changes in volume according to your proximity, and the ability to connect to super speedy 3.5G cellular networks without any fuss. Crisp display, refined construction and a whole range of applications elevate the HTC HD Mini to legendary status.

      HTC HD Mini Video from HTC
      View all HTC HD Mini Deals on Vodafone

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      By Keith Greywood at 09:51


      Nexus One Released on Vodafone Today

      Wednesday, 5 May 2010

      The highly anticipated, sleek and speedy, new generation slate smartphone, the Google Nexus One, has reached the UK market on the versatile Vodafone network. With high tech capabilities that include voice directed GPS, a single touch applications button, the ability to transcribe voice to text and an integrated media centre offering a host of new features; the Google Nexus One on Vodafone is undeniably the marque of the future.

      Designed and branded by Google and manufactured by Taiwan’s HTC Corporation, the Google Nexus One on Vodafone uses the Android operating system, which has access to more than 50,000 popular applications and games via the online software store, the Android Market.

      The 3.7-inch touch-screen, with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, is the perfect visual platform for watching videos, surfing the net and browsing photographs taken with the on-board 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash and digital zoom. Combine this attractive feature with an integrated media gallery developed by Cooliris and you’ll have the most effective and functional visual aid.

      Other essential hardware includes Bluetooth, WiFi capabilities, dual microphones capable of cancelling out background noise and video playback via the Snapdragon processor. In response to criticism relating to the lack of multi-touch capability, Google recently announced the addition of the pinch-to-zoom functionality to the web browser, media gallery and maps application.

      With a swift 1 GHZ processor and an expandable storage capacity of up to 32GB, the Google Nexus One on Vodafone is a new generation smartphone with a significant futuristic intelligence twist.

      The Nexus One is free on pay monthly contracts of £35 and over. 

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      By Keith Greywood at 10:01