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iPad 3G SIM Cards - Preorder now on Vodafone

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Today, iPad SIM Only microSIMs are now available from Vodafone.

The iPad SIM Only plans are available to pre-order - expected delivery is the 28th May 2010, which is the day the iPad is released in the UK.

Get your new iPad directly from Apple - then get online on the go with Vodafone's award-winning mobile broadband. Just make sure you order the iPad with 3G!

The 5GB iPad MicroSIM lets you email, browse and download for 30 days - with no long-term tie-in. What will a whopping 5GB give you? You could browse for 150 hours. Or send 3,250 emails. Or download 300 music tracks. Or watch 150 short video clips. How you enjoy it is up to you.

iPad MicroSIM 5GB plan
30-day contract
5GB a month
£25 per month
View More info on plan

If you think you'll only use your iPad for browsing and checking emails every now and then, then a good choice would be the cheaper 1GB plan. I would say go with the 5GB plan to start with though as you are likely to be using it all the time!

iPad MicroSIM 1GB plan
30-day contract
1GB a month
£10 per month
See more info

Apple iPad SIM Only Plans

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