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Nokia Lumia 800 Preorder on Vodafone

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Nokia Lumia 800 is available to pre-order through Vodafone from today (4th November).

The cool looking handset can be preordered in black and it looks like a blue version will follow.

nokia preorder lumia vodafone

Features of the Nokia Lumia 800 on Vodafone
• First Nokia smartphone to have Windows Phone 7.5
• Beautiful, clean design
• Simpler social networking
• Internet Explorer 9 for quicker browsing
• Carl Zeiss lens and 8-megapixel camera

Vodafone have a few incentives they are offering with the Lumia 800 - a chance to get some vouchers which seem like they can be used for purchasing different things on the phone. The promotion looks like it will go live on the 16th November, according to the website. Vodafone are also offering 3 months of unlimited data to get you started. Neat.

Vodafone is offering £60 worth of vouchers for the first 10,000 orders!
• After purchasing a Nokia Lumia 800 receive a £10 voucher each month for 6 months
• For more information see: Nokia Amazing Everyday

Vodafone are offering a 3 Month Data Test Drive with the Nokia Lumia 800!
• Unlimited internet for the first 3 months of your plan

View Nokia Lumia 800 price plans

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Vodafone iPhone 4S Preorder Amendment

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The credit back offer has now been removed on the iPhone 4s preorder

Price changes are expected later today...


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iPhone 4s Preorder Offer on Vodafone

Monday, 10 October 2011

The iPhone 4S is available to preorder this week on Vodafone. It should remain on pre-order until Friday, when you should be able to order it normally.

Preorder Offer (before 12th October) - £59 credit back on your November bill!

  • Vodafone will also buy back your old phone
  • 3 Months data test drive - unlimited data for the first 3 months
  • Buy online, collect in-store.

Top iPhone 4S Vodafone Tariffs

  • iPhone 4S 16GB £41 - 900mins, unltd texts, 750MB data (24 months - handset £59) – with the £59 credit back until 14th October this makes the £41 tariff handset cost free! Available in both Black & white
  • iPhone 4S 16GB Free From £46 – 1200 mins, unltd texts and 750MB data (24 months)Also available in black and white versions.
  • iPhone 4S Business ContractFree from £40 – 1200 mins, 250 texts and 750MB data

More information about Vodafone's Buy Back offer:
“At Vodafone, we buy your old phone up to the value of £270. So, you can buy this week's most talked about smartphone. Smart, eh?”
Seems pretty good to me if your iPhone 4 is looking a little tired, or if you still have a 3GS and was watiing for this.

Just one more thing...  the iPhone 4 8GB is now available!
  • iPhone 4 8GB - Free from £36, 600 mins, unltd texts and 500MB data (24 months)


I think everybody was hoping for the 'iPhone 5' to arrive this month, but with other events of last week offering perspective you cannot really complain. I am sure the 4S is superfast, and will have enough funky new software toys to play with until a swish new design arrives. Lets face it, the iPhone 4 is hardly dated.  Enjoy.

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Vodafone Student Mobile Phone Offer

Monday, 5 September 2011

Vodafone have a great student only offer at the moment! If you are a student you can get 10% off line rental for upgrades or new contracts and also free music downloads.

Vodafone Student Offer
  • 10% discount on your line rental when you upgrade or take out a new plan
  • 10 free music tracks a month for three months with Vodafone Music
  • This offer is only available to students and a university email address must be provided in order for it to be redeemed. Sadly my student days are long behind me so my old uni address has cobwebs. 
More information here: www.vodafone.co.uk/students

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HTC Wildfire S in Purple - Exclusive to Vodafone in the UK

Monday, 27 June 2011

A brand new purple version of the HTC Wildfire S has recently been released in the UK market by Vodafone which has bagged the exclusive network rights to this variant.

Purple Wildfire S on Vodafone

While this beautiful matt finish purple Wildfire S model is light weight and pocket friendly it is very powerful as it is run by Gingerbread which is Android’s latest OS and also boasts of a Wi-Fi connectivity that runs super fast.

Improving on its predecessors, this compact Smartphone comes with a larger storage memory of 32 GB, a longer battery life (1230mAh), and higher resolution 3.2” LCD display touch screen that allows you to view websites and photos in great clarity. Also its 5.0 mega pixel rear facing camera can now capture HD 720p video in high resolution like never before.

Unfortunately the Purple version is currently in high demand and has sold out, but the Wildfire S is also available in White and Grey on Vodafone.

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Win a Red Letter Days Experience Gift with Vodafone

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Vodafone are offering the chance to win one of five red letter days experiences. All you have to do is buy anything from the online store before the 30th June 2011, and you will be automatically entered into their prize draw.

Red Letter Days Gift Experience Prizes up for Grabs
Heres a short summary of some of the experiences on offer in the Competition.

Awesome Foursome Driving Thrill - Drive four supercars in one day. Mmmm

foursome driving thrill

Helicopter Flight - Expert lesson in flying a helicopter. Scary...

Champagne Balloon Flight - Experience Sunrise as you have never seen it before!

Full T&Cs are available on Vodafone's Competition Page.

Don't forget Mr Mobile also has a competition to win several Sony Ericsson Xperia Handsets on Vodafone, which closes early next month. All you have to do is enter via twitter. Vodafone also have a small business promotion - get your small business plastered over a McLaren F1 car. That is fantastic publicity....

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Get Your Company Name on a McLaren at the British GP

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

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iPhone 16GB Special Weekend Promotion

Friday, 10 June 2011

Vodafone are running a special promotion on the latest white iPhones this weekend. It will run until Sunday night. Well it took a while for them to get here, so at least there are some offers available!

white iphone 16gb on vodafone

Apple iPhone 4 16GB White with 900 mins + Unltd texts 24 months: Free From £40 per month (was £41)

View all iphone Deals on Vodafone

Use with our promotional voucher codes to save more cash.

UPDATE: This offer is no longer a weekend promotion and will be running continuously.

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HTC ChaCha Vodafone Contracts Now Available

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The HTC ChaCha is now available to buy on Vodafone pay monthly contracts.

The ChaCha has recieved lots of press regarding its use of a dedicated Facebook button, which allows you to instantly connect to facebook for sharing photos and other items. It also is a break from the usual HTC android handsets because it has a full QWERTY keyboard as well as a touchscreen.
HTC Chacha Contracts vodafone
HTC ChaCha Now on Vodafone

HTC ChaCha Features
- One touch to Facebook - with the dedicated Facebook button
- Get 250MB of extra UK data free - special Vodafone introductory offer (ends 11 August 2011)
- Have as many conversations as you want - with Facebook chat widget
- Android Gingerbread 2.3

I think it is great to see HTC trying new things and tapping into niches with these kind of handsets which differ from others in its line up. I think the ChaCha has quite a funky name, it makes you want to do a little dance and shout 'CHA CHA CHA' each time you use it. Maybe that is just me....

Cha Cha Available Free with £26 / mth Vodafone Monthly Contracts

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Vodafone Business Promotion - £10 Off Contracts

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Vodafone business promotion ends tomorrow. The Promotion is £10 off line rental for 12 months (Thats effectively £120 saving)

This offer is only available on 24 months Business plans.

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