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Vodafone Intoduce Exciting Loyalty Scheme for Customers - Vodafone VIP

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Vodafone have introduced a brand new loyalty scheme called 'Vodafone VIP' This adds even greater value to the Vodafone Network.

What is Vodafone VIP?
A way for Vodafone to thank all of their customers for being with their network. They can get advanced tickets and enter competitions to win unique customer experiences in three different areas; Festivals, Fashion and Formula 1™.

Benefits for the Vodafone VIP

Vodafone VIP Big Chill

Vodafone VIP Music Festivals
-48 hr advance access to tickets
-Free tickets
-Experiential opportunities (Learning from Direct Experience!)
-Exclusive event access
-Unique customer experiences such as viewing platform at events

Vodafone VIP Fashion

Vodafone VIP Fashion
-48 hr advance access to tickets
-Free tickets
-Experiential opportunities
-Exclusive event access
-Unique customer experiences with designers
-Discounts & retail promotions

Vodafone VIP Formula 1™ Tickets
-Access to the McLaren Technology Centre
-Exclusive event access
-Unique customer experiences with British Formula 1™ World Champions

Already a customer? Then Join Vodafone VIP now!
Not a customer? Then become one!

Vodafone VIP Formula 1

View Vodafones's Latest Discounts

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HTC WildFire Out Now on Vodafone

Monday, 28 June 2010

The HTC Wildfire is out now on Vodafone. Recommended for those who want a great handset with access to lots of apps, but at a great price. The Wildfire not only has an excellent name, and can be yours for just £20 a month on a monthly contract.

Wildifre Key Features:
- FriendStream - see all your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr friends on one screen

-Great for Android apps - explore and share over 30,000 of them in Android Market

-Smarter contacts - it's easy to find all your mates' calls, texts, emails, updates, birthdays and more..

-HTC Friend Stream
-5 megapixels
-3.2 Inch touchscreen

Nokia X6 and Vivaz Price Reduction
Vodafone have also dropped the Price on the Nokia X6 and Sony Ericsson Vivaz by £5 a month.

New X6 & Vivaz Tariff:
from £20 Per Month
100 Mins
500 Texts
500 MB Data
24 Months.

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iPhone 4 due Out tomorrow on Vodafone

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Don't forget, the iPhone 4 is due out tomorrow on Vodafone. It looks likely that stock will be limited for a few weeks, especially of the white handset, so make sure you get in their quick!

Pricing information is now available on vodafone's shop now. If you need a bit of extra cash then use cash for mobiles recycling comparison to earn money for your old mobiles or even old iPhones!

And now I am off to watch the World Cup.....

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iPhone 4 Price Plans released by Vodafone

Friday, 18 June 2010

iphone 4 price plans on vodafoneYou can now check out our iPhone 4 price plans on the Vodafone Store.

With Vodafone you'll get 1GB of data to use in the UK across all of the iPhone price plans, as well as unlimited standard UK texts on all iPhone plans from £30 a month and above. And, plans from £40 a month include a daily allowance of 5MB of European roaming.

Business plans have also been released, and it looks like there will be a cut-price iPhone 3GS with only 8GB of memory being sold alongside the new iPhone 4's. This is much like the old iPhone 3G which was sold alongside the iPhone 3GS but that has now been discontinued with the advent of the iPhone 4. 

Why Vodafone?
No.1 Network for iPhone - YouGov research* has shown that Vodafone's customers are more satisfied with using their iPhone on the network than any other. That's why Vodafone is the network of choice for your iPhone 4.

Best network 2010 - Mobile News presented Vodafone with the 'Best Network 2010' award this year, which is great news for their customers.

iphone 4 on vodafone

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Vodafone Creates 360 Shop for Android

Recent news from Vodafone is that it intends to open a Vodafone 360 Shop on Android, in order to increase the extent of its 360 services. Vodafone’s announcement illustrates its commitment to making the 360 Shop available to mobiles that are popular market leaders, thereby giving developers the ability to produce and distribute applications for Android handsets.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will ensure that it is easy for clients to find the apps best suited to their interests and needs. A cutting-edge, tailored recommendations tool and dynamic promotional zones generate options such as top downloads, best rated, filtered lists and categories. Local market experts will promote feature content to increase exposure for locally appropriate applications. Operator billing will recoup the cost of purchased content, and developers’ bank accounts will be credited regularly.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will allow developers to publish either native Android or JIL applications, and they can also utilise features such as in-depth reporting, an open review process and clear-cut pricing. The Shop is designed for the Android OS and accessible directly from the mobile’s home-screen, and will be launched on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro and the HTC Wildfire this summer.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will serve all manner of digital content, including apps, ringtones and music, ensuring that the millions of current Vodafone clients will continue to benefit. In addition, mobiles will be preloaded with 360 Music, and Vodafone People will soon be obtainable as a download.

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SIM Only Voucher Code from Vodafone

sim only voucher codeVodafone are running a new voucher code until the 24th June 2010 23:59.

This latest e-Voucher is available on ALL 12 month SIM Only plans.

The best deal is the £10 12 mth plan, with 300 minutes and 3000 texts! This way you also get a mobile with it, even if you just want a simple mobile or a backup mobile.

To recieve your free Nokia 1661 Mobile Phone simply enter the code: 1661 at the vodafone store checkout.

View all the current Vodafone Promotion Codes

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Pre Order Xperia X10 Mini On Vodafone

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, the little brother of the 8mp Xperia X10, is available to pre-order now on Vodafone.

Preorder Price: £20 a month with free X10 Mini handset.

Key Xperia X10 Mini Deals
* Android technology
* 5 megapixels
* Built-in GPS
Read more about X10 Mini Vodafone Discounts

Visit Vodafone now to Preorder the X10 Mini

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HTC Wildfire Preorder on Vodafone

preorder htc wildfire
Preorder HTC Wildfire from Today on Vodafone!

The Wildfire is a great value android handset, which certainly challenges the top end phones on spec too.

From Just £20 a month you can pre-order the HTC Wildfire on Vodafone.

The handset is due to be launched on the 15th June

Key HTC Wildfire Features:
  • 5MP Camera with flash
  • 3.2" Touchscreen
  • Android O/S
  • HTC Freindstream for Social Managment! (combine social networks)

Pre Order HTC Wildfire on Vodafone

Preorder HTc Wildfire Now

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Vodafone Deal of the Month - June 2010

Monday, 7 June 2010

The new Samsung Monte Pink is available to pre-order now!

To coincide with the recent release of the new Sex and The City sequel, all orders of the new Samsung Monte Pink handset will receive a series 6 DVD boxset of Sex and The City absolutely FREE!

sex and the city dvd samsung monte

View more Information about the Samsung Monte Pink, available to preorder for just £10 a month!

By Keith Greywood at 12:44


Best Rated Vodafone Mobiles June 2010

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Here is a list of the Best Rated Vodafone Phones of the Last Week, as voted by users themselves.

Contract Mobile Phones and Pay As you Go are included in this list.

The impressive HTC Desire takes the top spot, having 4.8 stars with 55 reviews.

1. HTC Desire - The Best Phone on Vodafone!
4.8 stars (out of 55 reviews)

2. Samsung Genio Qwerty Payg
4.8 stars (out of 18 reviews)

3. Vodafone 541 White
4.8 stars (out of 13 reviews)

4.LG Viewty Smile PAYG
4.8 stars (out of 5 reviews)

5 .BlackBerry Bold 9700
4.7 stars (out of 67 reviews)

6. HTC Legend
4.7 stars (out of 41 reviews)

7. Samsung Genio Touch Pink
4.6 stars (out of 56 reviews)

8. Samsung Genio Slide - Pay monthly
4.6 stars (out of 44 reviews)

9.  Samsung Genio Slide - Payg
4.6 stars (out of 27 reviews)

10. BlackBerry 8900 Curve
4.6 stars (out of 17 reviews)

Phone user ratings supplied by Bazaarvoice

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