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iPhone 4 Price Plans released by Vodafone

Friday, 18 June 2010

iphone 4 price plans on vodafoneYou can now check out our iPhone 4 price plans on the Vodafone Store.

With Vodafone you'll get 1GB of data to use in the UK across all of the iPhone price plans, as well as unlimited standard UK texts on all iPhone plans from £30 a month and above. And, plans from £40 a month include a daily allowance of 5MB of European roaming.

Business plans have also been released, and it looks like there will be a cut-price iPhone 3GS with only 8GB of memory being sold alongside the new iPhone 4's. This is much like the old iPhone 3G which was sold alongside the iPhone 3GS but that has now been discontinued with the advent of the iPhone 4. 

Why Vodafone?
No.1 Network for iPhone - YouGov research* has shown that Vodafone's customers are more satisfied with using their iPhone on the network than any other. That's why Vodafone is the network of choice for your iPhone 4.

Best network 2010 - Mobile News presented Vodafone with the 'Best Network 2010' award this year, which is great news for their customers.

iphone 4 on vodafone

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