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Vodafone Creates 360 Shop for Android

Friday, 18 June 2010

Recent news from Vodafone is that it intends to open a Vodafone 360 Shop on Android, in order to increase the extent of its 360 services. Vodafone’s announcement illustrates its commitment to making the 360 Shop available to mobiles that are popular market leaders, thereby giving developers the ability to produce and distribute applications for Android handsets.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will ensure that it is easy for clients to find the apps best suited to their interests and needs. A cutting-edge, tailored recommendations tool and dynamic promotional zones generate options such as top downloads, best rated, filtered lists and categories. Local market experts will promote feature content to increase exposure for locally appropriate applications. Operator billing will recoup the cost of purchased content, and developers’ bank accounts will be credited regularly.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will allow developers to publish either native Android or JIL applications, and they can also utilise features such as in-depth reporting, an open review process and clear-cut pricing. The Shop is designed for the Android OS and accessible directly from the mobile’s home-screen, and will be launched on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro and the HTC Wildfire this summer.

The Vodafone 360 Shop on Android will serve all manner of digital content, including apps, ringtones and music, ensuring that the millions of current Vodafone clients will continue to benefit. In addition, mobiles will be preloaded with 360 Music, and Vodafone People will soon be obtainable as a download.

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