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Samsung Blade - Another Vodafone Exclusive

Friday, 26 June 2009

The Samsung Blade now launched on Pay monthly contracts from £15 a month! The Samsung Blade s5600 is an Exclusive to Vodafone!

* Quick access to favourites from your home screen
* No waiting with lightening fast internet speeds
* Watch in widescreen - just turn the phone on its side

It's all about speed with the touch screen Samsung Blade. Want your favourite apps and bookmarks fast? Just put them on your customised home screen. Browse at warp speed then turn your screen to go wide - bringing photos, video and the web to life.

Tap to get your favourites - and get online - instantly. And fall in love with the Blade's sleek looks. Its slim body and slender styling are as eye-catching as its large, bright screen.

The Blade's also great for clear, crisp photos. Its smart, 3 megapixel camera picks out faces and capture smiles - every single time.

By Keith Greywood at 13:21


6 Month Mobile Broadband Deal from Vodafone

Vodafone have launched a new mobile broadband (mbb) deal today.

£29 for the USB Modem Stick one off payment
£15 a month
6 month contract

This 6 month 3g dongle offer is ideal for those of you who do not want to commit to a longer contract, such as students. This is a practical alternative with a much shorter commitment and offers 3 times more value than Top up and Go!

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By Keith Greywood at 12:58


Samsung Jet s8000 Exclusive to Vodafone For 2 Weeks

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Vodafone have the exclusive UK rights to the Samsung Jet s8000 for the next two weeks.

The Samsung Jet follows on from the Tocco and Omnia as another state-of-the-art touch screen phone; particularly impressive are the speed and responsiveness (due to the powerful 800MHz processor).

Key features of the Samsung Jet include:
- high calibre 5mp camera
- one click widget access
- limitless online applications
- wide 3.1-in. 16M WVGA AMOLED screen (4x resolution of WQVGA)
View video of features here

Some examples of the best Vodafone tariffs which the Samsung Jet is available on include:
£25 - 100 minutes and 500 texts
18 month agreement, Handset cost - FREE

£20 - 100 minutes and 500 texts
24 month agreement, Handset cost - FREE

£30 - 600 minutes and unlimited texts * plus unlimited mobile internet and webmail
18 month agreement, Handset cost - FREE

£25 - 600 minutes and unlimited texts *
24 month agreement, Handset cost - FREE

*Fair usage policy applies to unlimited texts and unlimited landline calls capped at 3000 per month

For a full list of Samsung Jet Tariffs, visit the Vodafone official site.

Nokia N97 Pre-Order
Also, a quick reminder that the Nokia N97 is also live and available for pre-order before release on 26th June.
Only for customers buying online, Vodafone are offering an extra 300 minutes and MD-8 speakers free!

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By Keith Greywood at 12:35


Samsung Jet from Vodafone Video - Out Now

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Decent Looking Samsung Jet s8000 is Out Today on Vodafone UK. The handset is an exclusive to Vodafone, and is named the Jet as it has been made for speed and ease of use. Check out the video to learn more about this device.

Check out Samsung Jet Tariff Offers Here!

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By Keith Greywood at 17:50


British Taxi GP Finished

Monday, 15 June 2009

Poor show by Vodafone Discounts in the British Taxi Grand Prix. We got a single point and came in joint 225th place! Lets hope the British drivers fare better in the real race at Silverstone this weekend!

View more about Vodafone's Taxi GP promotion.

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By Keith Greywood at 15:24


Lewis Hamilton Vodafone London Black Cab Ad

Friday, 12 June 2009

Haha. It even has barry in it.

By Keith Greywood at 18:10


New Nokia N97 32GB from Vodafone

Demonstration of some of the new Nokia N97 features. Available to preorder now!

By Keith Greywood at 15:46


Pre-Orders Now Open on Nokia N97

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Great Pre-Order Deals on the Nokia N97 are now live. You can save £5 a month by ordering online and you will also recieve some free portable speakers. I checked out the Nokia N97 recently and was really impressed with it. You can also see Vodafone's N97 unboxing video to show you what you will recieve when the phone is released on the 26th June.

Check out the Prices for the Pre-Order Nokia N97 now.

Here are the free nokia speakers that are included - they are an exclusive to Vodafone.

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By Keith Greywood at 16:17


Lastminute.com Voucher Offer from Vodafone

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This summer, Vodafone has teamed up with lastminute.com to bring you a very special promotion: free vouchers to spend against thousands of travel and leisure deals at lastminute.com, with purchases from Vodafone.

About lastminute.com gift vouchers
lastminute.com gift vouchers will be offered in three different denominations; £50, £30 or £10, depending on what the customer purchases.
Vouchers can be redeemed online, 24 hours a day, against a huge range of travel and leisure deals, including:
- city breaks (flight + hotel, Eurostar + hotel)
- hotels
- and much, much more.
They’re valid for 12 months and there are no restrictions on travel dates, so recipients can really use them to bag a deal this summer.
£50, £30 or £10, vouchers go a long way at lastminute.com. Check out our best summer deals on:
- Top secret hotels
- Summer living
- Beach breaks
But be quick: once the best deals are gone, they’re gone!

What’s the deal?

£10 lastminute.com voucher on:

1) ALL Sim Only products £20 and above
CODE- lastmin10

£30 lastminute.com voucher on:

1) ALL 24 month mobile broadband contracts
CODE- lasmin30

£50 lastminute.com voucher on:
Please note this excludes all Blackberry devices

1) ALL 18 month mobile phone contracts £35 and over
CODE- last50min

2) ALL 18 month mobile phone contracts £30 and below
CODE- last50min1

3) ALL 24 month mobile phone contracts £30 and over
CODE- last50min2

4) ALL 24 month mobile phone contracts £25 and below
CODE- last50min3

Codes specifically for Vodafone’s Deals and Offers page
(Meal deal pages where product and tariff and combined)

1) ALL 18 and 24 month mobile phone contracts £35 and over
CODE- last50min1a

2) ALL 24 month mobile broadband contracts
CODE- last30min1

View more info: Vodafone e-Vouchers

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By Keith Greywood at 16:39


New Nokia N97 Unboxing video

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Check out the unboxing of the Nokia N97 by Vodafone. Shows the free speakers that you get with the latest Nokia handset.

By Keith Greywood at 14:59


Win Prizes with the Vodafone Taxi GP

Check out the Vodafone Taxi GP and win Prizes such as tickets to the Santander British Grand Prix!

"Ten drivers, five cities and a fuel injected race to the finish! Create your team of drivers, complete five races in the fastest time and take your place on the podium."

You will be competing with team Vodafone Discounts so be prepared for a battle. I have faith in my two taxi drivers to WIN! I have been unlucky with Taxis of late, my last journey resulted in a tyre blow out at high speed in central London. Was pretty hairy there for a moment, but it is a testament to the skill of the taxi driver that there were no serious casualties!

The Ultimate Prize is if you win the Championship...
The overall winner of the Taxi Grand Prix season will win the grand prize, a chance to be part of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. This all expenses paid VIP trip is the ultimate trophy for any Formula 1 fan.

Sounds like an awesome prize to me!

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By Keith Greywood at 09:24


3 Months Free on Vodafone Business Contracts

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Vodafone Small Business will now be offering 3 Months Free on ALL of its monthly talk plans!

This incredible deal has already come into effect and will apply to all talk plan contracts connected before 30th August 2009.

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By Keith Greywood at 16:44


Free Underwater Digicam with E-Vouchers

Monday, 1 June 2009

Vodafone have announced the addition of a great new Evoucher offer, you lucky souls!

In preparation for summer Vodafone are giving away an impressive under water camera for taking snap shots anywhere in the pool or at the beach. Of course the camera works outside of water, but it’s in the water where's its lightweight case protects the camera allowing the user to snap away.

This is a great piece of kit that Vodafone are giving away for free. I have recieved one of these and I am currently testing it out! I will be writing a review shortly. I reckon this is great if you want some underwater photos. And as its free you will not be risking your precious digicam by taking it near the waves or sea!

This voucher code offer will run from Tuesday 2nd June- Wednesday 2nd July using the codes detailed below in promotional box at the basket stage.

So, What comes in the box?
- Waterproof case
- Pouch
- Strap
- TV cable
- CD Rom with Arcsoft software
- Manual
- 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries

FREE underwater camera on the following purchases:
Please Note: These eVouchers can not be used in conjunction with the purchase of Blackberry devices.

1). All 18 month mobile phone contracts £35 and over per month
CODE- uwcamera1

2). All 24 month mobile phone contracts £30 and over per month
CODE- uwcamera2

3). All 24 month mobile broadband contracts
CODE- uwcamera3

4). All 18 & 24 month Mobile Phone Meal Deals
CODE- uwcamera1a

5). Mobile Broadband Meal Deals
CODE- uwcamera3a

Vodafone E-Vouchers

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By Keith Greywood at 17:17