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Free Underwater Digicam with E-Vouchers

Monday, 1 June 2009

Vodafone have announced the addition of a great new Evoucher offer, you lucky souls!

In preparation for summer Vodafone are giving away an impressive under water camera for taking snap shots anywhere in the pool or at the beach. Of course the camera works outside of water, but it’s in the water where's its lightweight case protects the camera allowing the user to snap away.

This is a great piece of kit that Vodafone are giving away for free. I have recieved one of these and I am currently testing it out! I will be writing a review shortly. I reckon this is great if you want some underwater photos. And as its free you will not be risking your precious digicam by taking it near the waves or sea!

This voucher code offer will run from Tuesday 2nd June- Wednesday 2nd July using the codes detailed below in promotional box at the basket stage.

So, What comes in the box?
- Waterproof case
- Pouch
- Strap
- TV cable
- CD Rom with Arcsoft software
- Manual
- 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries

FREE underwater camera on the following purchases:
Please Note: These eVouchers can not be used in conjunction with the purchase of Blackberry devices.

1). All 18 month mobile phone contracts £35 and over per month
CODE- uwcamera1

2). All 24 month mobile phone contracts £30 and over per month
CODE- uwcamera2

3). All 24 month mobile broadband contracts
CODE- uwcamera3

4). All 18 & 24 month Mobile Phone Meal Deals
CODE- uwcamera1a

5). Mobile Broadband Meal Deals
CODE- uwcamera3a

Vodafone E-Vouchers

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