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Nokia N97 Impresses On First Look

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I was given a presentation on the Nokia N97, Nokia's latest flagship handset, yesterday afternoon. The N97 is a high-end consumer focused handset packed with features. Nokia are looking to break into Apple's market share with new touchscreen widget functionality.

The technical specifications are certainly impressive on this device.
- 32GB memory Expandable to 48GB! (highest in market currently)
- Qwerty Keyboard or Touchscreen
- TV Out, FM Radio
- 5MP Camera with Carl Zeiss Lens
- 30fps video
- GPS & Compass.

The software also seemed impressive, with a revised music player which features larger artwork. The drag and drop widget-filled homepage seemed simple to use, incorporating apps for Facebook etc. This handset is mostly aimed at consumers but could be a very stylish and handy accessory if used in the office too. With its massive 32GB capacity, you could simply use this as a portable hard drive, or use it as a mini word processor when on the move. Email would just need the connection details of your office's exchange server.

Exclusive to Vodafone:
- Free portable MD8 Speakers. Worth £25.99.
I watched a clip of Ironman on the device connected to thse speakers and it looked & sounded pretty good in my opinion.

The handset looks set to be launched on £45 and above data tariffs. The handset will not be available with 'Nokia Comes with Music' but should be compatible with Vodafone's music service.

You can currently register for updates. Pre-order date is 12th June 2009, and the handset should launch on the 26th June.
The colour at launch will be Black....

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By Keith Greywood at 12:55


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