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Vodafone Sale - Phone Contract Discounts

Friday, 24 December 2010

The Vodafone Christmas Sale starts today!

Vodafone Sure Signal - Save £30! Now Just £20
The Vodafone Sure Signal improves your mobile phone reception in your house. Handy! Well worth it for this price.
vodafone sure signal sale

Sony Ericsson X10 @ £25 per month
The high quality Sony Ericsson X10 is now just £25/mth

NOKIA C7 @ £20/mth
Impressive new handset from Nokia at an amazing price. Well worth a look.
Vodafone Nokia C7 Sale

HTC Legend @ £20/mth
Stunning Aluminium Android handset from HTC with HTC sense apps and technology.

Nokia N97 Mini @ £15/mth
The N97 Mini returns at the knockdown price of £15/mth. An absolute bargain!

I think there may be some laptops in the sale too, will post when I get the information. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sale lasts from today (Christmas Eve) and Ends 6th January 2011.

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By Art Vandelay at 10:48


Vodafone BlackBerry Contract Discount Promotions

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The price has dropped on several BlackBerry Monthly Contracts on Vodafone. Details of the discount promotions are below:

BlackBerry Contract Discount Vodafone
BlackBerry 9780 Contract Discount

BlackBerry Curve 9300
Now free from £20 a month (was £25 a month)
- 100 mins, 500 texts, 250MB data
View Deal

BlackBerry Bold 9700
Now free from £25 a month (was £30 a month)
- 500 mins, unlimited texts, 500MB data
View Deal

BlackBerry Bold 9780
Now free from £30 a month (was £35 a month)
- 600 mins, unlimited texts, 500MB data
View Deal

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By Keith Greywood at 17:05


Latest SIM Only Tariffs from Vodafone

Friday, 17 December 2010

Here are the latest SIM only offers which are now live from Vodafone:

Latest 30 Day Sim Only Deal
vodafone sim only tariffs
Vodafone SIM Only Tariffs
– 100 minutes, unlimited text x 30 day contract £10
View Store

New 12 Month SIM Only Deals
– 300 minutes, unlimited text plus 500MB Internet usage & BlackBerry Services (email) x 12 month contract £15
- 300 minutes, unlimited text plus 500MB Internet usage & 1GB Wi-Fi in BT Openzones x 12 month contract £15

View all Vodafone SIM Only Deals

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By Keith Greywood at 15:02


BlackBerry Pearl 3G Weekend Deal on Vodafone

Friday, 10 December 2010

Vodafone are running a weekend promotion for the BlackBerry Pearl 3G (Black edition). This offer will be live until late on Sunday night (12 December 2010).

Vodafone Weekend Offer - Save on BlackBerry Pearl 3G (9105) Contract
Price - Free Handset (Was £150!)
£20 per month - 24 mth Contract
300 Minutes / month
Unlimited Texts
(Was just 100 minutes and 500texts/month!)

So thats a saving of £150 + Extra 200 minutes and as much texts as you need. Great deal if you want a slim, stylish blackberry handset.

View Contract Offer Here

blackberry pearl 3g deal vodafone
Blackberry Pearl 3G Weekend Contract Offer

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Vodafone Deal

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By Keith Greywood at 13:18