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Cheap iPhone Contracts on Vodafone

Friday, 25 February 2011

Great iPhone news from Vodafone! This week there have been big reductions on selected iPhone plans. Finally, cheap iPhone contracts on Vodafone!

cheap iphone contracts vodafone

Please see below for a summary of these cheaper prices.

The best deal is the iPhone 4 16GB, free from £40 a month (Save £89), followed by iPhone 3GS 8GB free from £30 a month (Save £59).

iPhone 4 32GB £79.00 was £129 SAVE £50
Unlimited Texts

iPhone 4 32GB £29.00 was £59 SAVE £30
Unlimited Texts

iPhone 4 16GB FREE was £89 SAVE £89
900 minutes
Unlimited Texts

iPhone 4 16GB FREE was £29 SAVE £29
Unlimited Texts

iPhone 3GS 8GB FREE was £59 SAVE £59
250 Texts

View all Vodafone iPhone prices


By Keet at 09:31


Vodafone Essentials Tariff Deal

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Vodafone double minutes deal in the essentials tariff is now up and running. There has been a tariff improvement on this good value £15 price plan, so you can now get double minutes, for the same price.

Vodafone Essentials Tariff Deal
£15 Essentials 100 mins /500 texts /250mb becomes £15 Essentials 200 mins /500 texts/250mb

This to be available on ALL Essentials handsets, including
BB 8520 in Violet
BlackBerry Curve 8520 in Violet (Or is it Lavender?)

BB 8520 Black

LG Optimus

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By Keith Greywood at 11:15


Vodafone Tariff Promotion - Increased Minutes

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Want to get more minutes for your money? Well the latest promotion from Vodafone allows you to do just that with an increased amount of minutes on certain tariffs.

vodafone tariff promotion hd desire
HTC Desire HD available on Tariff Promotion
Tariff Offer Option 1
£35 a month (300 extra minutes)

Tariff  Offer Option 2
£40 a month (600 extra minutes)

Vodafone Tariff Promotion available on the Following Handsets:
HTC Desire HD
Nokia N8
Samsung Galaxy S
Nexus One
HTC Desire

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By Keith Greywood at 11:07


Half Price Phone Contract Voucher Code

Monday, 14 February 2011

Use Discount Code on Desire HD!
We are very happy to announce that a brand new Vodafone e-voucher has been launched. This great new offers new Vodafone customers 3 months half price on any 24 month mobile phone contract!

Offer: 3 month half price Vodafone voucher code on ALL 24 month Phone contracts.

Voucher code: 3MHPLR (Make sure all uppercase!)

Voucher End date: Monday 28th February 2011

Redemption process: Simply choose from any 24 month handset contract and enter the code -3MHPLR - at checkout

Vodafone Promotional Discount Code Details:
• Online exclusive voucher (you won’t get a better deal in-store!)
• Available on new 24 month mobile phone connections only (not available on Sim Only or Mobile Broadband contracts, upgrades or PAYG).
• The offer is not redeemable with any other promotion- i.e another e-voucher, cashback, loyalty points/rewards.
• The discount will be a rolling 3 month half price applied onto your first bill, not as a bill credit.

This is a great Code - it offers a potential saving of up to £70 on iPhone tariffs at £45/mth for example or £45 on £30 tariff. The best part of this is that the saving is taken off your bill, not crediting you the amount.

Vodafone Voucher Terms and Conditions
The first 3 months’ line rental on your 24–month price plan will be half price when your order includes a new phone. Please note that this discount doesn’t apply to any additional products, charges or service associated with your plan. You’ll see the discount starting with your first bill.

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By Keet at 12:56


Google Nexus S Out Soon on Vodafone

Friday, 11 February 2011

Vodafone recently announced that the Google Nexus S is coming soon to Vodafone UK. This is the first mobile in the world to be powered by the most up-to-date version of the Android OS, Gingerbread. Chock-a-block with all the newest award-winning hardware from Samsung and Google’s potent technology, the Nexus S is the forerunner of the next generation of mobile phones.

The Nexus S will be available in Vodafone shops soon, according to Patrick Chomet, Group Director of Terminals for Vodafone. Chomet said that the company works closely with its industry partners to provide Vodafone clients with the best smartphone selection, which includes the newest breakthroughs in user and product experience. DJ Lee, Head of Sales and Marketing Team and Executive Vice President at Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, said that the Google Nexus S, coming soon to Vodafone UK, combines the best Samsung hardware with spectacular new features from Android.

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By Keet at 10:17


Vodafone 543 Miss Sixty Edition Valentines Promotion

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Vodafone are running a Valentine's Day promotion on the Vodafone 543 Miss Sixty Edition pay as you go mobile phone. They have dropped the price of this stylish handset by £5 until the 14th February 2011. The Vodafone Miss Sixty Mobile has a unique phone design from the Miss Sixty fashion label.

vodafone miss sixty 543 promotion
Vodafone Miss Sixty 543 - Valentine's Promo

What you get with the Vodafone Miss Sixty 543
- exclusive Miss Sixty phone charm
- cool white case
- gift box with a white ribbon
- Just £20 until the 14th February 2011
- Buy Online Today!

This handset would make a stylish gift for Valentine's Day!

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By Keith Greywood at 09:30