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Vodafone Announce iPad Data Contracts

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Recently, Vodafone UK announced that, launching 28th May 2010, it is offering dedicated Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans which use a Microsim. A micro sim card is smalled than astandard size so you will not be able to use your standard mobile data plan with the iPad. The iPad data plans will run for periods of 30 days, thereby giving clients the option to cancel or activate a plan whenever they wish.

Apple iPad lets users connect with their content and applications in a more intuitive, fun and intimate way than previously. Users can now take advantage of iPad’s innovative Multi-Touch interface to browse the internet, send and read email, enjoy HD videos, share and view photos, play games, listen to tunes, read e-books and lots more.

Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans cost £10 for 1GB and £25 for 5GB, and involve no long-term contract. After 30 days, they roll over, making it possible for the client to continue or opt out of the plan at any time.

Only 0.5 inches wide and weighing in at a mere 1.6 pounds, the iPad with WiFi + 3G models are lighter and thinner than a netbook or laptop, with a long, nine or 10-hour battery life. Customers can also use Vodafone iPad 3G Data Plans abroad for as little as £9.99 per day, which allows them to use as much as 50MB.

Apple iPad MicoSIM Data Plans
Monthly Cost
1GB a month
30-day contract
Buy Now
3GB a month
30-day contract
Buy Now
5GB a month
30-day contract
Buy Now


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