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Cheaper Vodafone USB Dongles

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Vodafone UK Announces New Pricing for Mobile Broadband USBs
Vodafone UK’s Mobile Broadband USB modem dongles have bene reduced from £99 to £49 on its 30 day contract price plans. The move is part of Vodafone’s commitment to making mobile broadband more accessible for consumers. The price of the '3.6mbps USB Modem' (on all 12/18/24month contracts) will also be reduced by 50%.

This follows the introduction of a new three tier pricing structure in April;
* Mobile Broadband 3GB - £15 a month (On 12/18/24m contracts)
* Mobile Broadband 30 Day (3GB) - £20 a month (On 30 Day contract)
* Mobile Broadband 5GB - £25 a month (On 12/18/24m contracts)

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By Keith Greywood at 18:08


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