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Vodafone Total Business for SMB's

Sunday, 1 June 2008

On 2 June 2008, Vodafone UK will introduce Vodafone Total Business, it's best ever pricing for smaller to medium businesses. Available to new and existing business customers, it will include a landmark range of data packs, which can be added for specific users, which will address the growing demand for mobile email, mobile internet and other mobile company applications.

* Two simple data packs to suit all business needs, from mobile email to mobile applications
* Inclusive calls to 10 company landlines, retrieval of voicemail and company mobiles
* 24 month contracts include 50 inclusive texts per user and inclusive calls to UK landlines

As the benefits of mobile email become more apparent than ever, Vodafone’s expertise grows stronger. Currently supporting more mobile email customers than any other UK operator, Vodafone continues to innovate, understands customer needs, ensures simple set up and ease of use, and provides expert support and choice of solutions for all sizes of business. Vodafone Total Business now makes access to mobile email even more straight-forward with two simple data packs; a ‘Standard’ usage pack of 500 MB or a ‘High’ usage pack of 5 GB. These packs can also be used in conjunction with mobile internet and mobile company applications use.

Vodafone Total Business, which replaces the existing Sharetime Plus and Small Business price plans, also gives customers cost management and heightened predictability whilst offering a generous allocation of minutes from just £30 a month2. Calls to company mobiles on the same price plan, voicemail retrieval and calls to all UK landlines are inclusive and will not erode the plan’s ‘shared’ minutes. 50 texts per user per month, at no extra cost,3 are also available for those signing up to 24 month agreements.

Mark Bond, Vodafone UK’s Enterprise Business Unit Director, commented, “For some years now there has been perception that mobile email on a handset is the preserve of ‘the boardroom’. With Vodafone Total Business we are aiming to put an end to this myth and make it available, affordable and understandable for anybody that needs it.”

For companies with less than five phones, 18 month Anytime price plans include voice, text, web email, mobile internet access from just £35. Customers can also enjoy a three months free email trial or free Vodafone Sat Nav with BlackBerry.

Bond continues: “For small businesses especially, losing out on a lead or a new business enquiry can be very damaging and costly. As customers become more demanding it is more important than ever to be equipped to respond. What many small business don’t realize is how simple and affordable it can be – and without a major up front investment.”

Vodafone Total Business provides three different options when connecting to mobile email:

Personal email
Businesses can take advantage of more advanced ‘always on’ email services with bundles for the Vodafone Email Plus service (previously named Vodafone Business Email), as well the BlackBerry Internet Service, both of which ‘push’ emails to the handset unprompted. These email services can be added to voice plans for £10.00 (500MB) or £22.50 (5GB) per month. Personal Mobile Email services are available on 99% of the handsets in the Vodafone range.

Enterprise email

Vodafone also leads the market for email services for larger businesses with the widest choice of server based Mobile Email solutions; including BlackBerry Enterprise Server. These more advanced email services, including free Mobile Internet browsing, can now be bought as part of the Vodafone Total Business plan for £25 (500MB) or £37.50 (5GB) a month.

Web mail
At the entry level, Vodafone Total Business customers can choose a Mobile Internet bundle, enabling them to pick up their web mail (such as Yahoo, Google Mail or Hotmail accounts) in addition to browsing the internet and even using web applications like Sat Nav. Customers can add this internet bundlehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.bold.gif
insert bold tags to their voice plan from just £7.50 a month for (500MB), or for £20 (5GB).

Data Roaming

Alongside straightforward domestic rates Vodafone UK has also simplified the data pricing for customers when roaming. There is a single flat rate charge of £4.25 per MB applicable when roaming on any network, anywhere in the world.

Check out Vodafone's Mobile Internet Solutions for Businesses.


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