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Vodafone Fastest & Most Reliable for Broadband

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

In the biggest trial of its kind ever in the UK, an independent company has completed an extensive independent benchmarking trial of mobile broadband performance, on both datacards and handsets on the 5 UK mobile operators networks.

Over 28,000 tests were carried out over a 10 week period, over a range of locations independently representative of the UK population, indoor, outdoors, static, mobile and in a mixture of randomly selected locations in towns and cities of various sizes, railway stations, residential and business areas, tourist hotspots, airports and motorway service stations that fully represent a real customer experience.

The results from the trials show conclusively that nationally Vodafone is the fastest, most reliable mobile broadband network in all aspects of file download, web page loading and on both datacard modems and handsets.

There is further proven stats for other regional and category data which is soon to be released!

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By Keith Greywood at 18:20


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