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Blackberry Torch Out Soon on Vodafone

Sunday, 12 September 2010

BlackBerry Torch on Vodafone
BlackBerry Torch Out Soon on Vodafone
The BlackBerry Torch is due out soon on Vodafone. Quite an interesting handset as it is designed to have the best of both worlds - a touchscreen and a keypad.

Key BlackBerry Torch Features
Touchscreen + QWERTY slide-out keyboard
New BlackBery 6 operating system, - customizable homescreen
5MP Camera - Zero Shutter means it takes photos instantly

The slideout keypad is ideal for sending test and emails fast, but with the usability of a touchscreen for other features. Combined with the new BlackBerry 6 operating system the BlackBerry Torch looks to be an interesting and popular choice.

Read More about the BlackBerry Torch

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