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Vodafone 3G MiFi Contract Deals

Monday, 23 August 2010

Vodafone has now released a 3G MiFi dongle which is available free with a monthly contract. The 3G Mifi device works as a mini WiFi hotspot for connecting multiple devices to the internet via its 3G connection. Great for iPads, iPods, WiFi laptops, desktop computers, games consoles, WiFi phones or even your Wi-Fi tweeting kettle, if you wish.
Vodafone 3g Mifi Deals
Vodafone Mifi Device R201

Why Get Vodafone R201 MiFi?
• Connect Multiple Wifi Devices to the Internet at Once – Huge benefit over standard 3g dongles!
• Monthly Price plan deals to suit every budget – price depends on your usage needs
• Long battery life – A single charge can last up to 4 hours.

Best Vodafone Mi-Fi Deal
FREE Vodafone Mifi Dongle device
5GB of data Per Month
£25 Per Month
18 Months Contract

View Mifi Deals on Vodafone Shop

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