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Samsung Galaxy Tab Vodafone Preview

Friday, 10 September 2010

There looks to be a lot more touchscreen tablet PCs arriving. One of the first trying to grab market share from the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Boasting flash browsing and Google's new version of the Android O/S, it seems a worthy contender.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Vodafone
Samsung Galaxy Tab is Due Out Soon on Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy Tab - Features
Web Browsing with Flash 10 - iPad does not have this functionality.
Share with PC & TV screens
Front Facing Camera for video calls.
3G connectivity - Will be available with Vodafone SIMs

Looks great to me, I think these tablet PCs will become more widespread over the coming year, and this looks to be a fine effort from Samsung.

Read More about the Samsung Galaxy Tab

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By Keith Greywood at 12:27


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