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Vodafone New Mobile Update

Friday, 29 January 2010

Today I managed to view a lot of the latest handsets and mobiles which will be appearing over the next few months. There were demonstrations from Sony Ericsson and Nokia, but sadly HTC were absent due to illness. This was a shame as it was likely that I would have got to see a new handset from them!

Here is a quick run down of some of the handsets I have looked at today:

Sony Ericsson Elm
- Great value handset ~ £100
- Green Credentials - Less packaging
- Sony Ericsson clear voice technology

Sony Ericsson Vivaz
- Great handset for HD video - 720p
- Face detection in video
- Auto-tagging and upload to facebook
- Exclusive colour for Vodafone will be a Red/pinky colour
- Other colour will be silver.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
- This is the daddy - really liked this handset. Would like one of these myself!
- Due out end of March 2010
- Android O/S. Currently v1.6
- Timescape and Mediascape Sony Ericsson software. Timescape has great social media - convergence and utilises and interesting 'infinite content' button. It seems to work quite well.
- 8mp camera, built in MS exchange.

To be honest I am looking for a replacement for my slightly battered HTC magic and would like to stick with an Android mobile, and so far I like the look of the X10!

Expect more about these new handsets once I have digested all of the information I have recieved today and will also grab some high-res images.

Nokia 5230
Entry level device based ont he popular 5800.
Kinetic touch technology. 2mp camera, ~£100 price point. OVI Maps free satnav.

Nokia X6
Flasgship music device
capacitive touch technology
TV Out, 3.5 headphone jack, Ovi Store. Has a great playlist DJ features which is kind of similar to Apple's Genius mixes. But this works in a way where you can select your mood on a slider and it tries to pick songs accordingly. Very interesting!

Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 is like a mini computer. It looks like it is great to use as an internet device, espcially with bluetooth peripherals / tv out all setup. The n900 has one of the most impressive browsers I have seen, which is based on Mozilla and looks full featured. This handset can also multi-task amazingly well with its 1GHz processor.

I have a Nokia N900 to test out. I will write up a detailed review once I have played around with it for a few days!

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