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Vodafone Sure Signal Provides Improved Phone Connectivity

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Vodafone Sure Signal - Improve Your Home Mobile Reception

With Vodafone Sure Signal, you'll have a good mobile signal at your house, regardless of where you reside. It boosts your mobile phone signal anywhere in your home for as many as four people simultaneously, and it’s extremely simple to set up. If your home is in a mobile signal blackspot - an area in the UK that lacks a sufficiently strong signal - you need Vodafone Sure Signal. All you require is home broadband with a line speed of at least 1Mbps, and a 3G handset.
Vodafone sure signal
Vodafone Sure Signal

Sure Signal only costs a one-time fee of £50 if you are a Vodafone Customer, or your local Vodafone shop can supply you with it for just £5 per month, depending on the price plan you have. Businesses will also have a good indoor mobile signal with Vodafone Sure Signal, no matter whereabouts in the UK your business is. If your business is in a mobile signal blackspot, where your mobile operator can't provide you with a good enough signal, Sure Signal will solve the problem quickly, easily and affordably.

You can get a full 3G mobile signal for four people simultaneously at your business premises, and your employees can use it at home, too, should they need to work after hours or on weekends, thereby increasing productivity outside the office. All you'll require is one or more 3G mobiles and a broadband line speed of at least 1Mbps. In order to have more than four phones on a boosted signal, you just need to buy several Sure Signal boxes.

A standalone Sure Signal is priced at £120.

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