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Nokia N900 Out Now on Vodafone UK

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Nokia N900 32GB from Vodafone Impresses!

The new Nokia N900 is out now on Vodafone, and this cutting-edge mobile has unrivalled speed and user friendliness. Its large 32GB memory and big screen ensure that it’s easily customisable with a mere touch and zips through apps, websites and emails. You can open loads of websites and switch between them with a tap on the screen, while also listening to music, downloading an application and editing a document.

Have your email delivered directly to your mobile, and use the full QWERTY keyboard to quickly type out your reply. Create as many as four home-screens that have all your contacts, websites and the applications you’ve downloaded on them. The new Nokia N900 now out on Vodafone has a 5-megapixel Carl Zeiss camera, and even lets you view Flash animations and films with its innovative browser, similar to Firefox. You can read reviews on Vodafone for more information from users. It is currently causing quite a debate!

For more information and prices: http://bit.ly/6RGico

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