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HTC HD2 Windows 6.5 Mobile on Vodafone

Thursday, 3 December 2009

HTC HD2 - Powerful Touchscreen WinMo handset customised by HTC.
This is the first windows mobile in the world to have a capacitive touch screen. It also has the biggest display anywhere – a massive 4.3-inch screen that occupies almost the entire front of the phone. With its Sense UI feature, formerly only found on Android phones, it allows you to integrate with Facebook and gain direct access to Twitter, while also making the OS inconspicuous. Although the HTC HD2 makes use of all the best parts of Windows Mobile 6.5, about 95% of the HD2 is pure HTC magic.

The HTD HD2 has a large capacitive touchscreen.

The HTC HD2, now available from Vodafone, has everything you could ever want from a phone, including all the usual bells and whistles, but also a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus and dual LED flash. Don’t worry about using the Wi-Fi access on your laptop, because the HTC HD2 just connects via lightning-quick 3.5G networks. You’ll find it simple to set up appointments on the calendar, browse pictures, change settings and flick through the menus with a fingertip touch. The HTC HD2 from Vodafone also looks like a winner, with raised, rounded, easy to push buttons that have a brushed-metal look, and a sleek black case to go with anything, anytime, anywhere

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