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New SIM Only Voucher Code - Free Nokia Mobile

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Voucher Code for November - FREE Nokia 1208 PAYG device on ALL 12 month Sim Only plans!

This is great if you are after a SIMOnly contract, as you will also get a mobile to go with it.

Key Features of Nokia 1208
- Poly ring tones
- Alarm clock
- Games included

FREE Nokia 1208 on ALL 12 month Sim Only plans

1) £15- 600 mins and unlimited texts

2) £20- 900 mins and unlimited texts

3) £25- 1200 mins and unlimited texts plus unlimited landline calls

Online Vodafone Promotional Code

To recieve your free PAYG handset simply enter the above code at the basket stage after selecting which 12 month Sim Only plan you require. The code will then add the free device to your basket.

This offer is valid until the 30th November 2009.

Why choose Vodafone Sim Only?

1) Amazing Value Tarrifs
- More mins/texts for your pound!
- Some handsets could be bought more cheaply elsewhere or second hand.

2) Lowest monthly outgoing costs
- SIMOnly Cheapest option if you are a medium to high user.

3) More flexible
- Sim Only 30 day contract vs 18mth mobile contract

4) Preference for Simple/Familiar Handset
- If you prefer change technology on regular basis (e.g. Heavy Landline Users)
- If you only get a new handset when the old one breaks or is worn out

"Most standard minutes for £15 in the UK, Vodafone's 12 month price plan gives you more standard minutes than any other UK Network's £15 plan*"

Vodafone T and C’s apply:
Standard minutes applies to cross network calls within the UK, standard landlines (beginning 01, 02, 03. 08 numbers are excluded). Pricing comparison made by Pure Pricing UK Mobile Pricing Factbook and correct at time of posting, 1st October 2009.

View More about SIM Only Deals on Vodafone.
View Vodafone's Other Voucher Code offer this month: Free Cinema Tickets with Vodafone!

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