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Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition Out Soon

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Samsung have given the Tocco an Upgrade with the S8300, or the Samsung Toccco Ultra Edition!

This new handset from Samsung has a full touch interface with a slide out numeric keypad for speedy dialing or texting. Neat.

The Tocco Ultra Edition will be Samsung's flagship handset of 2009, after a very successful 2008 for the company. The Tocco was the UK's best selling contract device in the second half of 2008.

The Tocco Ultra has an upgraded Touchwiz interface, which features widgets which can be dragged and dropped into position. I like the fact this device has the slide-out 3x4 keypad, this offers a tangible alternative to using a touch interface. I know a lot of people are put off from going to a full touchscreen phone, or have reverted from a touchscreen phone after not getting on with it.

The S-8300, which was called the Samsung Loches while in development, has GPS navigation, which provides detailed maps to take users to their destinations. Geo-tagging is a neat touch, which allows you to tag the location onto photos you take. This looks set to take off this year, especially when working with online applications such as twitter.

The Samsung tocco Ultra looks set to appear in March on Vodafone UK, will keep you posted on prices...

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By Keith Greywood at 16:18


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