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Vodafone Unveil HTC Magic at MWC

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Vodafone announced that they will be the exclusive mobile network to receive the second Google Android powered handset, the HTC Magic.

HTC Magic Specification:
- GPS Navigation
- WiFi Internet Connectivity
- 3.2 MP Camera
- Google Android 'cupcake' touchscreen o/s

It looks like they have focused on the design of this handset, and have ditched the slide-out keyboard of the Google G1. This makes the G2 much slimmer.

The device comes pre-loaded with Google applications, such as Maps, Mail, Search and YouTube.

You can register for updates on the HTC Magic on Vodafone UK. The handset is expected for release in April this year.

BBC Video: Using the G2 Mobile Phone

Further Info on the HTC Magic:
Google G2 on Vodafone launching Tuesday - Pocket Lint
Second 'Google phone' is unveiled - BBC
Vodafone Europe gets HTC Magic G2 - Techdigest

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