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Vodafone SIM Only Winter Sale Extras

Friday, 14 January 2011

Don't forget - the Vodafone Sale is still on until the 31st January!

Part of the sale includes extra value for certain Vodafone SIM Only price plans. Until the 31st January, 12-month Sim Only plans on the £15 and £20 price points will carry even better value with optional ‘extras’ available free for this limited time.

Vodafone SIM Only Sale - Free Extras

The free extras available are:
a) Non-Geographic Numbers Free
Free Unlimited Non-geographic numbers (starting 0800, 0845 and 0870 within the UK ) like help lines, utilities and charities. They’re not usually included in your plan’s monthly minute allowance and cost 20p per minute or £5 for a bundle ordinarily.

Why useful?
Most businesses use 0845 numbers including your local banks. Just one 10 minute call to the bank cost £2.00 (3 calls to your bank a year and your already into savings).

b) Picture/Video Messaging
100 picture/video messages within the UK. This bundle offers an allowance of both picture messages and video messages. It’s your decision how much of your allowance you use as long as the total doesn’t exceed 100. You can send 100 picture message or 100 video messages or a mixture of the two i.e. 60 video messages and 40 picture messages.

Why is this useful?
If you send 100 picture messages a month that costs you £36 a month. If you send 100 videos messages a month that costs you £60 a month. So if you send either, there’s plenty of savings here!

Vodafone SIM Only Price Plans eligible for free extras:
£15 per month (12-month contract) – 600 minutes & unlimited text

£20 per month (12 month contract) – 900 minutes & unlimited text plus 500MB web data

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