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Vodafone 543 Gets a Makeover

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Design Collaboration with High-street Fashion Label Miss Sixty gives Vodafone 543 a Makeover

The Vodafone 543, a recent addition to Vodafone’s own-branded mobile phone range, features distinctive customised accessories and covers that are the product of Vodafone’s collaboration with top high-street fashion house, Miss Sixty. The bright, trendy graphics are easily recognisable as the product of the popular Miss Sixty label, giving this mobile an advantage over all others when it comes to stylishness.

Vodafone 543
Vodafone 543 is due a make-over

The Vodafone 543 entered the market in April this year, and boasts a 2.4-inch touch-screen and Opera Mini 5.0 for a top mobile internet experience. This phone also comes with Vodafone’s ground-breaking pre-pay amount indicator, a constant display that shows how much credit you have left on your phone. Combining some of the best, most exciting and relevant market developments, the Vodafone 543 is available at a remarkably affordable price. Mobile internet data services are growing in popularity, and this sexy new phone gives you affordable access to it.

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By Keith Greywood at 16:30


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