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Refurbished iPhone Deals on Vodafone

Monday, 12 April 2010

Refurbhished iPhone tariffs on Vodafone– £5 off standard iPhone tariffs!

Refurbished iPhones are now available at £5 less on each tariff (compared to those purchased new), making price less of a barrier and the phone itself more accessible!
iphone refurbished deals vodafone
Vodafone carefully check and test all refurbished phones – so they look and work just like new. You get a battery, charger and user guide with your phone, plus pay monthly handsets also come with a warranty that lasts as long as your contract (PAYG handsets come with a 12-month manufacturer warranty). In short, you benefit from great deals on often popular handsets, without the risks commonly expected!

So if you would like an iPhone and would like it a bit cheaper, then take a look at the recodnitioned iPhone deals now available.

tariffs on refurbished iPhone handsets

Used iPhones on Amazon UK

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