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Cheap Dell Inspiron Mini 10 for Businesses

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook 5GB Business Price Plan has now been reduced from £30 to £25 per month!

Plan Details: 5GB per month contract

How much is 5GB?
5GB is the equivalent of downloading 300 large attachments and 150 video clips, sending 3000 emails and surfing for 150 hours!

- Vodafone provide the the fastest mobile broadband around, with great reliability and a network that covers 80% of the UK population according to the LCC, the world’s largest independent wireless engineering company
- 24 months contract duration

Why get the Dell Mini 10?
• Small and light – with an easy to use keyboard
• Built-in mobile broadband – nothing extra to plug in
• Crystal clear widescreen – see everything in crisp detail

View Dell Mini 10 Mobile Broadband 3G Deals

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