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Vodafone 360 Available on Android Marketplace

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vodafone 360 is now available on the Android Marketplace, and there’s a Vodafone People application there that anyone can use. After selling more than 300,000 new 360 mobiles since November 2009, all of which have Vodafone People as part of the service, Vodafone wants everybody to enjoy the convenience of its online synchronisation and backup service.

Once you’ve installed Vodafone 360 from the Android Marketplace, you’ll be able to merge all your various online identities. While by law you should have the option to keep your mobile number, the stipulation does not apply to any other identities you may have, thereby making it possible for Vodafone to provide this service to anyone who wants it. Once you’ve amalgamated all your social networking sites such as Twitter® and Facebook® into Vodafone 360, you’ll never want to switch to another network!

The 360 service is currently available to other networks’ clients via a Symbian app that can be downloaded, but making Vodafone 360 available on the Android Marketplace is an important step for Vodafone, which wants its content stores and applications to be available beyond its current mobile client base, and Vodafone 360 is easiest way to connect users to those services.

I have just downloaded the Android app onto my HTC Magic - will let you know how I get on!

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By Keith Greywood at 09:50


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