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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 handset - for business or pleasure?

Friday, 7 November 2008

Sony Ericsson's New Top Handset
The new and appealing Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 handset is perfect for professional and entertainment use. It boasts the best quality screen that can be found, an optical joystick for easy browsing on the Opera Mobile or Windows Explorer browsers, a fast network, a high-speed processor, and four-way keys for effortless navigation.

Stunning, High Quality Design
The Sony Ericsson X1 handset comes complete with a superior slide mechanism, and is well-built and solid, making it exceedingly durable yet strikingly stylish. The handset is encased in a genuine stainless steel body, with an eye-catching arc-slider design, and provides users with a powerful set of multimedia tools, including camera and media player. The handset also has video calling capabilities, handwriting recognition, GPS and Bluetooth technology, as well as USB support.

A Customised Windows Mobile Smartphone
The Sony Ericsson X1 handset offers a customised edition of Windows Mobile that comes with a choice of nine different desktops that are interchangeable to suit everyone's personal preferences. The handset could quite possibly turn out to be the best Windows Mobile appliance on the market due to the user-friendly interface and, while still remaining completely unique, a similarity to other Windows Mobile handsets that will ensure users find it easy to use.

QWERTY Keyboard Combined with 3-Inch Wide Display
The comprehensive QWERTY keyboard completes this handset, and the high resolution, three-inch touch-widescreen of the Sony Ericsson X1 handset is ideal for anything, from checking your email and finishing some work off on Windows Mobile Office, to online shopping, listening to your favourite music, watching a good movie, or snapping "Kodak moment" pictures.

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