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Summer Roaming Promotion Ending

Friday, 28 August 2009

Vodafone's fantastic summer roaming promotion finishes next Monday (31st August 2009). Damn. It really is the end of summer.

Even after the promotion ends Vodafone Passport will continue to offer great value to Vodafone customers. From 1st September 2009 the proposition for pay as you go and pay monthly customers is:

• Making a call will cost 75p then the standard home rate including Freedom Pack and in bundle minutes
- Receiving a call will cost 75p then it's free for 60 minutes, from the 60th min it's 20p per minute
- Passport has been improved by adding in sending a text back to the UK (receiving is free) at a flat rate of 11p per text - this isn’t bundle eligible

On 1st September 2009, this is how customers will be able to benefit from Vodafone Passport:

New agreement customers
- If Passport is built into their price plan they’ll get the VF Passport - If the Passport soc was added to their account during the promotion then they’ll go to Vodafone World rates. To benefit from VF Passport they’ll need to migrate onto a price plan with Passport built in (normal business rules apply)

PAYG customers
- All customers who opted-in to the summer roaming promotion will stay on VF Passport and get the new Passport rates as above

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