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Dell Inspiron Mini on Vodafone

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Vodafone UK will be the first European network operator to offer Dell's InspironTM Mini 9 ultra-mobile device with built-in mobile broadband connectivity through its stores & Online.

Some Quick Specs for the Dell Mini Inspiron
* Vodafone Exclusive
* Built in Mobile Broadband
* Microsoft Windows XP
* 8.9” Glossy LED Screen 1024x600
* Weighs less than 1kg
* Solid State hard Drive (SSD)
* Built in webcam, bluetooth
* sealed keyboard

Benefits over using a seperate 3g modem: increased battery life and network reception with integrated mobile broadband compared to using a USB modem.

I just wish they offered this with Ubuntu pre-installed (cheaper!), and also with a discount for existing Vodafone customers like myself.

The Dell Inpsiron UMPC is free with a long 24 month contract, and I expect the monthly 3g Internet price to be around £30-£35 a month, based on other mobile networks, but it is hard to tell at the moment. I like the design of this laptop, its a lot better looking than my rather huge 17" inspiron laptop!

The Dell Mini 9 is due mid-October on Vodafone - Watch this space! You can pre-register here.

Here is more information from Vodafone's press release:
Starting from free with a 24-month contract, the Inspiron Mini 9 is the perfect Internet companion, delivering connectivity in a slim, sleek, piano black design. Complete with a Vodafone SIM, and pre-installed mobile broadband connectivity software, the Mini 9 eliminates the need to use an additional USB modem to connect to the web. Digital nomads and avid Web surfers alike will be able to connect to the UK's fastest and most reliable mobile broadband network* anytime, anywhere, whether on the road, or on-the-go, while surfing the Web, chatting with friends, or enjoying their favourite online videos and music.
“More and more consumers want an easy and quick way to connect to the Internet, but there are times when they also want to catch up with emails on a screen larger than a mobile without compromising portability. We have taken the natural step to marry together great ultra-mobile technology with the UK's fastest and most reliable mobile broadband service,” says Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone UK.

“Thanks to the very compact size of the Inspiron Mini 9, and the Vodafone built-in Internet access, customers can now use a single device to log on and access their emails, read the latest news headlines, or update their blog or social networking page as they travel home from work on the train or while they take a break for coffee.”
Michael Lombardo, VP & General Manger, Consumer, Dell Europe said “Technology has become an essential part of how people connect with one another – whether it's surfing the Web, chatting with friends, keeping updated on the latest news, sharing photos or social networking. UK customers will now be provided with a greater choice in connectivity options that will enable them to stay in touch whenever, wherever.”

Weighing in at only 1.035kg, the Inspiron Mini 9 includes a built-in webcam, Bluetooth, sealed keyboard, reliable solid state disc (SSD) drive, and bright 8.9-inch glossy LED display (1024x600). Users will also appreciate the increased battery life and network reception with integrated mobile broadband compared to using a USB modem.
Vodafone UK has invested millions of pounds over the past two years to roll out its high speed mobile broadband network across the UK. Over the summer, this investment has grown to make high speeds available in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, and Reading, joining London and major airports. On average, customers can expect speeds of 1 to 5Mbps.

With this agreement, Dell products will be available in nearly 14,000 stores around the globe. By providing new products and services, and multiple ways to connect with Dell – by clicking, calling and visiting – Dell expects to connect with new customers, and increase sales in all regions.

The Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is also available to buy direct from dell, but this does not include built in 3g internet..

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